Does Your Horse Have Girth Galls? A Sheepskin Girth Could Be Your Perfect Solution

Sensitive Girth area, Girth rubbing, Girth galls? Is Your Horse sensitive when the girth is tightened up?

This can be just simply that the girth is cold and can be a bit of a shock to the sensitive skin, in the girth area, of your horse. Girth sensitivity can also be caused by the girth pinching when being tightened, or it is possible that your girth is rubbing and creating a sore spot or 'girth gall' when the horse is moving.

Girth sores and galls are extremely painful for your horse and it is essential that you stop riding altogether until the area has completely healed.

Sheepskin/Lambskin girths offer a very good solution to all these problems. Sheepskin girths are warm at first touch and will eliminate sensitivity issues almost immediately. Likewise, a sheepskin girth will not pinch when tightened. It may take a couple of times before your horse is sure he will not be pinched, but once he realises that this is no longer a painful procedure, he will quickly forget his last experiences.

Sheepskin girths provide ideal pressure distribution, eliminating friction and shear forces, thus providing maximum comfort for your horse. Naturally the highest breath-ability/ventilation of any material used against a horses' skin; the fleece creates a natural air cushion between the fibres, allowing air flow, which helps to balance temperature and reduce sweat in this area. Sheepskin girths can also absorb up to three times their own weight in moisture. Sheepskin girths are highly shock absorbing and prevent rubbing and bruising, chafing, pressure sores and girth galls. They are also light in weight and extremely hard-wearing.

Sheepskin girths are very easy to care for; Wait until dry and just brush off any mud, sweat or dirt. This cuts down on the frequency of washing. Sheepskin has natural anti-bacterial properties and your girth will not smell of sweat in between washes. When the girth does require a wash, it can be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures (maximum 30 degrees)

You really do get what you pay for, so look for good quality brands that are 100% genuine sheepskin/lambskin. 'Wool' or 'synthetic wool' products will not do the same job and can 'bobble up' quite quickly which will actually cause the problems you are trying to eliminate. Look for brands that use the 'medical tanning' process as this involves no chemicals and ensures that your product can be machine washed. Sheepskin products that have not been 'medically tanned' can still hold chemicals that can be absorbed by your horse when it sweats! so it is important to do a little research when buying sheepskin products for your horse.

So whether you are wanting to treat an existing problem or wanting to prevent one, the sheepskin girth is the ideal solution.

Equestrian sheepskin Girths. Perfect solution for horses with sensitive girth areas.
Breathability, temperature balancing, sweat absorbing, super soft sheepskin girths help to prevent girth pinching, girth sores and galls

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