Electronic Cigarette Cartridges: Vegetable Glycerin Vs Propylene Glycol

One of the number one questions you should ask yourself when shopping for electronic cigarettes is, "Do they use vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol as the base for their e-liquid?" Although propylene glycol (PG) has been approved by the FDA for use in electronic cigarette cartridges, vegetable glycerin (VG) is generally preferred. Read on to learn why.

Also known as electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporize nicotine, water, and flavor to simulate the feel and look of cigarettes. Since the FDA has only done minimal testing on the inhalation of all e-cigarette solution varieties, concerns have arisen over certain ingredients used and their adverse health effects for human consumption; especially in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes. PG is one of the main components used in the nicotine solution of many electronic cigarette store products.

Both PG and VG are approved by the FDA, but PG is also used in products such as radiator fluid (coolant) and makeup. Additionally, PG is used as an ingredient in massage oils, hand sanitizers, as a moisturizer in shampoo and hair products, as a working fluid in hydraulic presses, as a solvent used in mixing photographic chemicals (such as film developers), as a lubricant in air conditioning compressors, and as the killing and preserving agent in pitfall traps (usually to capture ground beetles). Do you really want to be inhaling that with your electronic cigarette?

Thorough FDA and Independent testing has not been performed on the safety of inhalation of Propylene glycol or Vegetable Glycerin being vaporized and inhaled, but there have been reports with PG of negative effects, including allergic reactions to the substance that can include nausea, dizziness and more. Industry research indicates a higher frequency of adverse reactions to it than a vegetable based solution.

Since this is a concern, some companies choose to not use propylene glycol as the base of its flavored cartridges. They use vegetable glycerin as a substitute for propylene glycol, which due to the health concerns, they consider to be a better product while continuing to give superior performance and vapor production. In comparison to PG, VG produces more vapor and does not irritate your throat while still giving you a great smooth "throat hit".

VG, PG, and other e-liquid variants continue to undergo more thorough testing. Although both are currently used successfully in the industry, when given a choice between the PG chemical compound and a vegetable based liquid, customers overwhelmingly choose vegetable glycerin.

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