Emerging Artistically In The 21st Century

Much talk is made these days about how search engine optimization companies and crowdsource funding websites have revolutionized the way that small businesses compete and thrive in the marketplace. This is certainly true, but these revolutions in business have also helped to spur an equally impressive revolution in the world of art.
Regardless of what artistic discipline a person feels a passion to follow - painting, writing, acting, dance or music - the process has pretty much been the same for hundreds of years. It has been necessary to attract attention from the right people who can help support the artist financially and through promotion so the general public can discover their work. For many centuries, it happened as a form of patronage, where a wealthy person would sponsor the artist. For much of the 20th century, and a little before specifically in the realm of painting and writing, it became more of an industry, where the agent would have to first appeal to an agent or manager and then, in turn, hope to earn a contract.

Today these traditional forms still exist, but a new avenue has opened up to artists that let them control their production and ultimate success in a way like none other. The introduction of such elements as self-publishing and home computer based recording software may have given people the chance to create more freely, but there is still the issue of bringing the art to the masses where it can sell. This is where the new business paradigm of the 21st century steps in.

So much business is done online in general and through social media platforms specifically that the person who thinks they are good enough with their Facebook page will soon realize their marketing reach is severely constricted. They need to have an interactive website that has been creatively created, they need to manage their social media presence and they even need to worry about handling personal promotion. Many of these are outside of their skill set and they are unsure how to go about arranging them

A smart search engine optimization company will have stepped into that void. By combining not only the typical services of an SEO company but also website development, personal promotion and crowdsource funding so that their clients will not have to look anywhere else to get their needs met, freeing them up to focus on their art.

Success in any artistic field can feel so much like playing the lottery, as artists are tied to the whims of agents, producers, publishers and so on. By eliminating that worry, and finding ways to bring their art directly to people on their own terms, they can work with greater abandon, knowing there are experts helping them become successful in the 21st century.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer and self-published author who understands the ups and downs of carving out a successful career artistically in the 21st century. http://www.teamwildflower.com/

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