Ending the Work/Play Segregation

In the world of corporate team building, it's the modern, cutting edge ideas that really lead the way in innovation and connection. We are always looking forward to seeing new ways of creating and preserving a relaxed, creative work environment that is conducive to problem solving and ample production. It's these reasons why inflatables - that's right, the blow up bounce houses, giant slides, and obstacle courses - are reaching new popularity outside of their usual summer carnival scene. These pieces are finding new life in the world of company rentals in the service of employee bonding techniques and activities.

This way of thinking outside of the cubicle is quite literally changing the very dynamics of office work and life. Getaways and group activities have never been a stranger to organizations. Company sponsored corporate picnics, for example, are one way that businesses have taken advantage of outside the office teamwork in the past. This practice has been very common since the 1950's, and has been long celebrated as a great way for employees to get to know one another outside of the workplace. This event emphasized family, rewarding challenging work, and the human work and touch that keeps the industry churning. However, with economic hardship and changing federal and state laws in regards to restrictions and regulations, many companies cannot afford to throw such events any longer.

A wonderful middle ground between absolutely nothing and the lavishness of a picnic for the entire staff and their respective families is an on-the-job employee bonding event, structured around strengthening the existing social ties between your workers. In this way, the culture of the office is protected, strengthened, and can be used even more effectively in service of the company.

So what makes blow up obstacle courses, slides, etc. the most effective way of doing this? The brain creates new connections every single time you try something new, out of your normal, comfortable element. For most adults, this is a commonality. They have never, as adults, been allowed to play in big, blow up structures... at least not since they were very young (although, in recent years, these have popped up at high school graduations, or even University spring break celebrations). Since these blow up structures are now built to handle the weight of adults, there's absolutely no reason to resist their tempting, brightly colored call. The great thing is that no matter where you hail from - Milwaukee, WI to Scottsdale, AZ - - there are companies at your fingertips to serve your blow up rentals needs.

The separation of work and play doesn't need to be so strictly enforced. In fact, fun activities can trick us into working harder. That element of playfulness, excitement, and the rush of trying something new is scientifically proven to breathe new creativity into your life, all while increasing your neurochemistry and improving your work ethic. When the facts are laid out and examined, it really is no wonder how inflatables have become so popular in the corporate world. In fact, it might be more surprising if they weren't so popular after all. .

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