Energy Drinks...Are They Bad For You?

There are over 70 million energy drinks served daily in the U.S. Over 31% of U.S. teenagers say they drink energy drinks. It's the #1 Drink of Choice among Teens worldwide. The majority of energy drinks served today are filled with caffeine filled with sugars filled with artificial stimulants which trigger health problems and cause Energy Drink "Jolt & Crash" What is the world saying? "Energy Drink Market will grow 67% by 2010″ "Energy Drinks were the #1 most profitable product from 2005 - 2007″ "Red Bull has grown 40% a year and is approaching a billion a year in sales"

We are in a Crisis An Energy Crisis There is a growing problem around the world Every day, millions subject their bodies to the Junk Drink Tug-of-War Junk Drinks, while giving a boost, come with the hidden danger of serious health issues Energy Drinks, as a whole, are saturated with stimulants such as Caffeine and Ephedrine which can elevate the heart-rate and blood-pressure, deprive the consumer of sleep, and dehydrate the body and not to mention the high cost NOW There is an Enhanced Healthy Alternative Welcome to the Revolution of Herbal Clean Energy.

If you want to stay healthy and have lots of energy, then you better do something different than just drink energy drinks! You must have a good night sleep, as well as eat right and exercise regularly. Just do yourself and your body a favor and start looking at lables on the foods and drinks that you but in your body.

Do you like to have Energy Drink because it makes you feel good? Then you need to look at the labels before you buy them, make sure they don't have any Caffeine, these Energy drink should have very low sugar, and no additives. It would be great if all the energy drinks out there are 100% natural, how about calories? If you are trying to lose weight, then again you need to look at the labels on those drinks to make sure it does not to your problems.

If you're not eating right and putting lots of junk food into your body with all these empty calories, then you try to loss wieght, but your body becomes accustomed to your average daily caloric intake. When you begin decreasing caloric intake, additional stress is placed on your body as it attempts to adapt and become more efficient by increasing your metabolic rate. The result? Fatigue, irritability, and often times - headaches.

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