Enjoy Thanksgiving While Soaring Over The Grand Canyon On An Airplane Or Chopper Excursion

Are you looking for something fun to do over Thanksgiving? Instead of spending the holiday cooped up in the house, you should consider a fun getaway. What could be more fun than a trip to Nevada or Arizona so you can take an air tour of the Grand Canyon? However, the tours fill up fast over the holidays, so you want to book your tour as soon as you can.

Air Tours From Tusayan, Arizona

When you think of touring the Canyon, the West Rim probably comes to mind. The West Rim is indeed a very popular destination, but you can also go to the South Rim, and it is just as thrilling.

There are two options when you fly out of Arizona. There is a thirty minute tour that flies to the North Rim and back, and then there is a fifty minute tour that flies to the North Rim and the eastern border of the park. The longer tour costs a little bit more but it's worth it because it covers 75 percent of the entire park. This is a good choice when you want to tour the Canyon, because you'll see some of the most remote and beautiful wilderness areas of the park.

You can also take a Jeep tour at the South Rim. You'll get to see landmarks up close as you tour by ground in a 4x4, and then you'll get to see them from the air during your flight.

Air Tours Out Of Vegas

Vegas is a tourist hotspot, so there are a lot of tour packages available if you want to leave from Nevada rather than Arizona.

The air tours lift off from Boulder City, which is outside Vegas or from Las Vegas itself. All the air tours follow the same flight path to the Canyon, the only difference is if you take a Vegas deluxe tour that lifts off from the Vegas Strip because you'll get an aerial view of the city as an added bonus. Another reason to book a deluxe tour is that you'll get to ride in an EcoStar chopper. This aircraft is made for sightseeing, so you have more room in the cabin, comfortable seating, a quiet ride, and panoramic views. It is worth the extra cost to buy a deluxe tour, it even comes with free transportation to and from the helipad in a limousine.

One big draw of the West Rim is that the helicopters can land at the Canyon there. If you take an air-only tour, your chopper will fly over the Hoover Dam on the way to the Canyon and then circle the main highlights of the West Rim before heading back to Vegas. The landing tours follow the same flight route, but the also land at the Canyon so you can enjoy some fun adventures.

One option is the landing tour that flies to the floor of the Canyon. This tour comes with a Champagne picnic and the option to take a boat ride on the Colorado River. Another landing tour lets you out on top of the rim where you can visit the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a huge viewing platform that is suspended over the Canyon so you can walk out and stand 4000 feet above the Canyon floor. Standing on the transparent floor while suspended in the air is nearly as exciting as the helicopter ride to the Canyon. If you'd like to experience all the West Rim has on offer, you can book an air tour that lands on the top and bottom of the rim so you can do both.

Touring By Airplane

You could also take a tour out of Vegas or Arizona on an airplane rather than a helicopter and these follow the same basic flight paths. However, the airplanes can carry 19 people, so an airplane tour is ideal if you have a large group or family. Also, airplane tours cost less, but the trade-off is that they fly higher than helicopters. Still, airplanes have comfortable seating and large windows for viewing, so they are a good option if you need to take a budget tour.

Book Your Thanksgiving Tour Online

All air tours of the Canyon are popular and risk selling out in advance. You'll be safe as long as you buy your tour early. Try to get your seats at least two weeks ahead of time. The easiest way to buy your tour is to use your credit card and buy it online so you get the lowest rates and instant seat confirmation.

Let's Wrap Up

Touring the Canyon is something you'll never forget, especially if you see it from above on an air tour. Plus, if you want more adventure, you can take the Jeep tour at the South Rim or a landing tour at the West Rim.

So get ready to make this Thanksgiving holiday unique and fun for your family. Buy your tour in advance and buy it online. Lock in your seats on the tour of your choice and then you'll be all set for an exciting adventure at one of America's most beautiful natural wonders.

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