Entertainment and Media: Interconnection and Success

Social media and entertainment have gone hand in hand since the inception of web culture. The history of our cross cultural fascination with Western celebrities has been well documented ever since the invention of the silver screen in the 17th and 18th centuries, and has evolved into the culture of worship and fandom we know today. While our culture is changing and still adjusting to the technology that is creating the framework of a new cyber-social world, so are our relationships with the rich and famous. Excitingly enough, many of these celebs, both new and old, are learning how to take the online discussion format to its limit.

What is it that makes a celeb successful on the web? A sense of humor and willingness to use creativity to engage their fan-base seems to be key. Open forums or any website that can be accessed for free, seem to be the best sites for this. Consider the way the cast members of Supernatural use the web to blog in real time with fans when new episodes air, or how some of the most revered athletes have been known to engage in informative question and answer sessions with fans on the web. Sharing a passion for what you do with the people who love to watch and support you doing it can be one of the most rewarding things in the life of a celebrity. Our fascination with providing better spaces for interactive discussions between the producers and consumers of media is producing the sites and outlets of the future every day. These are places that will continue improving and revolutionizing the way we connect with each other.

There are plenty of issues with the way we use this kind of media. Video streaming can be problematic on sites that feature live feeds, causing lots of lag and buffering in the middle of interviews and web hosted events. Sometimes, having too many people connecting to one chat room or website can also slow down the transfer of information, causing frustration while the interview or conversation goes on without you. However, almost all of the problems we encounter have fixes that we know of, if only we can invest in them. More service space and bandwidth can always be purchased, allowing for a fluid social discussion with limited technical interruptions.

Social media is making the entertainment world more accessible than ever, connecting us to our athletic heroes and other idols. Even George Harrison jumped on the bandwagon, agreeing to a chat-based interview just a few years before he passed away. If even our most internationally beloved and respected entertainment leaders embrace the technology, the rest of us can certainly give it a try ourselves.

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