Equestrian Activities in Virginia

The great state of Virginia is famous for many things, not the least of which is a rich history and culture of equestrian activities. That may be why many visitors remark upon the number of horse barns that are scattered all over the Virginia countryside.

Some of these Virginia horse barns may be classic buildings that have been maintained for centuries, but many are new modular horse barns that have been recently purchased because of their functionality, affordability, and durability. Because many of these Virginia modular barns have been designed to be attractive and functional, it might be hard to tell the difference between a traditional shed and a delivered modular barn!

Horse Shows

If you are a horse breeder or merely an excited spectator, you have probably heard of the many local horse shows. Show facilities, such as Fox Chase Farms, give owners a chance to show off their equine breeding and training ability. Events include both hunter and jumper shows. The facility also offers the "Parade of Breeds" show and regularly scheduled riding demonstrations for guests.

The Classic Sport of Polo

Polo is a classic and exciting sports event that has always been popular in the state, and is gaining popularity all around the country. In fact, games of polo have been documented going back 2,000 years and it has certainly always been part of the culture of this area.

VIPolo is the largest polo club in the Virginia and Washington, DC area. It is a full service facility that offers polo six days a week. You can watch matches during the week and all day on the week-end. Spectators are always welcome at this large facility. Not only can you view the club's schedule so you can watch an exciting polo match, you can also visit this facility to learn to play the game yourself.

You do not need to own your own horse or have any prior experience and there are even private and group lessons for kids. Children's lessons help introduce kids to horsemanship skills and this classic game.

Horseback Riding Along Scenic Trails

Of course, many people simply enjoy riding their horses for exercise and pleasure. Find riding lessons, boarding stables with contemporary and classic Virginia horse barns, scenic views, and much more scattered all over the state. Along with plenty of scenic riding trails, you can also find stables which will allow you to rent out a horse for the day and some even offer guided tours.

Housing Your Horses

If you plan to keep your own horses in this state, you may be interested in purchasing Virginia delivered modular barns. These provide an efficient, fast, and affordable solution if you are just setting up your own stable or want to expand your old one.

These Virginia modular barns are functional, but also really attractive. Your guests may believe you purchased a classic ranch with a well-maintained older set of barns, when you have really just made the smart decision to purchase new Virginia delivered modular barns with safe and modern construction.

You can find an equine housing solution for almost any need. Choices range from small open sheds to large enclosed buildings. If you need to house one valuable horse or an entire stable full of valuable horses, these Virginia delivered modular barns can be delivered and set up when you need them.

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