Examining Why Burlap Table Runners Are So Beloved In Rustic Events

The rustic wedding has to be every woman's dream occasion. It is common knowledge that the most fancied fabric in rustic weddings is burlap. It may be hard to believe that this fabric, traditionally used in less glamorous activities such as bagging coffee beans, is the go to fabric when trendy textures and unique looks are the foremost qualities in the designer's mind. Why so? Burlap table runners complete wedding events and ceremonies without them always seem dull and devoid of color.

Part of the reason for the preference of these table runners is the vast number of options present both in the density (weave coarseness) and color. That's right, burlap table runners are not just brown in color anymore, a plethora of colors have been injected into their manufacture and the visual appeal they give is almost magical.

Table runners made of burlap are more often than not produced with more than one layer. For instance, one of the most popular designs includes a double layered burlap table runner with silk highlighting to add life with regard to color and texture.

As stressed above, no rustic event (more so a wedding) is complete without visually appealing burlap table runners. The table runners are made from different materials, but jute is the most preferred burlap material for making table runners. Jute, for the uninformed fellow, comes from the skin and stem of the jute plant, which is a vegetable fiber, and is spun into threads of unique strength and resistance. Jute burlap table runners are not only appealing to the eye, they also have characteristic strength and excellent durability.

Since these table runners stem from natural fiber from jute stems, the occasional blemish may be part of the product. The interesting thing though, is that these blemishes only serve to add to the overall appeal of the table runner.

Have you chanced upon people examining table runners and speaking of burlap scent? Table runners made of burlap that comes from natural plant (for example jute) have a characteristic scent to them that only adds to the appeal package.

It should be kept in mind that there are varying grades when it comes to burlap table runners. Though all burlap grades are excellent, the heavier grades are generally the most preferred and they come with tighter weaving and a significant upping of durability.

These table runners are not too difficult to clean. However, the mode of washing relies heavily on the specific material the table runner is made of. Materials such as jute do not go very well with machine washing and wringing. Spot cleaning and gentle squeezing out of water seem to work perfectly.

Damask table runners are also a favorite of rustic wedding planners. They bring a touch of color and authenticity that is unique to them and they contrast wonderfully to burlap-made table runners when used in the same event.

They have a certain strength, visual appeal and durability that simply set them apart from other table runners. In order to have the complete look when using damask table runners, a touch of warmth should be added to the table center and this is best achieved by adding a lit candle.

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