Expanding Our Horizons with Latin Fusion

I didn't have any idea what Latin fusion was like before I had my first meal in a high class, wonderfully atmospheric Latin fusion restaurant. My father, who is an amateur foodie, had a lot to say about going out to eat at new places. Being Puerto Rican, he has always loved celebrating Latin and Hispanic cultural achievements. I don't think there's any other way to think about fusion food, except as an achievement. It's an exciting modern journey into the future of our culture in the United States of America. I guess you could say that exploring local Tapas and authentic Mexican food locations have always been a way that the two of us connected over our shared racial identity, history, and cultural experience. Spanish and Latin culture is not just one kind of food, one kind of music, one style of dancing, architecture, etc. etc. There are so many variances within each country, and the differences are often as exciting as they are startling. For example, did you know that Puerto Rican Spanish and Spain Spanish have entirely different styles of pronunciation, even when it comes to the same word, due to the impact history has had on the development and migration of the language? Food is no different in its shades of difference from country to country or region to region.

Latin fusion food is one way of highlighting those differences in a contrast and compare methods using different cooking techniques, spices, and recipes, spanning the entirety of Latin culture. Latin fusion restaurants take all of these available elements and remix them to create entirely new flavor experiences, often riffing on classics and traditional favorites while also bringing them into the modern age through courageous experimentation and a commitment to culinary innovation.

I thought at first it was just me and my dad enjoying this, but it turns out it's very common for this type of restaurant to be used for fine family dining occasions. I found a lot of people swapping stories online about how the diversity of fusion food menus really opens up the group dining possibilities. Latin fusion restaurants are tucked into communities all over the country now, and I think a huge portion of this popularity can be chalked up to just that; menu variety. With locations all over the country now, from Appleton, Wisconsin to the bigger cities, it's proven that fusion is more than just a flash in the pan American trend. Heck, I'll bet it has the potential to become an international culinary sensation. I can only imagine how amazing fusion could be in Latin American and Spanish countries and islands, drawing even more heavily on local traditions and the influence of other cultures in the same social category.

Latin and Hispanic culture are revolutionary, a constant force to be reckoned with in this country and on the world stage. The differences between the cultures are many, and nowhere is it more apparent than in the food, which makes every single bite of Latin fusion something brand new.

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