Facial Attraction Uses Chirally Correct Ingredients In The Effective Treatment Of Common Skin Woes

Facial Attraction, one of Victoria's top skin care providers, has teamed up with Mediiskin to effectively treat the skin woes of its patients. For the reputable skin clinic, using natural products is one of the best ways of nursing skin back to health and improving its defences against the harmful elements that it normally comes in contact with.

Mediiskin products make use of all naturally-derived ingredients which the makers believe communicate best with the skin and create the least amount of inflammation and irritation on the skin. According to founder Ben Johnson, "Every skin condition is based on the inflammation - you need to use ingredients that do not add to that inflammation… It's common sense."

Another important philosophy that Mediiskin is focusing on in creating skin care products - and that Facial Attraction is utilising in dealing with patients' skin problems - is chiral correction. What is chiral correction? It's the process of taking the most natural part of the ingredient and making it as active and stimulating as possible. For example, vitamin C is now greatly used for a lot of skin care products and people believe that it can do wondrous things for the skin. However, recent studies believe that the D-ascorbic acid (or the right side of the vitamin C molecule) does the skin harm and offers no actual positive benefits. On the other hand, L-ascorbic acid is the chirally correct ingredient to use as it's actually what's responsible for the positive contributions of the vitamin to the skin.

Worth mentioning as well is the fact that Mediiskin only makes use of plant-based preservatives for its skin care line. Most preservatives used by a lot of commercial skin care products are synthetic materials that affect the body negatively. Parabens and formaldehyde, which are the most commonly used preservative ingredients, have been discovered to be carcinogenic and may even be some of the main culprits behind liver failure. The plant-based preservatives used by Mediiskin do not only effectively prolong the shelf life of the products but also in no way interfere with or compromise the efficacy of the chirally correct ingredients of the skin care products.

Facial Attraction, being a leader in skin care treatments, recognises all the great benefits of sticking to natural ingredients to address patients' skin problems; thus, the clinic pairs its treatments with these Mediiskin products to make their services more effective. More and more people are benefiting from this strong partnership and Mediiskin's serums are all available for purchase through Facial Attraction's online store.

Check out Facial Attraction laser and skin clinic services to get assistance in determining the most suitable therapeutic solution for your skin problems.

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