Family Dining: Fusion Solution

Latin fusion restaurants have become my family's absolute favorite type of place to eat for all special occasions. This means birthdays, anniversaries, spontaneous celebrations, and more all now have a unanimous place to be celebrated. It's so hard to get any of us to agree on anything - we're pretty much your typical, middle America bickering sort of group - and for us to all have found middle ground is nothing short of a miracle. What is it about Latin fusion food that's brought us together? I was pondering this after our second trip to our local fusion place, where my mom announced that this was her new favorite place to eat out (replacing an old Italian place she had loved for years but which had, sadly, just recently shut down) and the rest of my siblings and grandmother had agreed.

While I was absolutely relieved to know that now we aren't going to be fighting over where to eat out the next time we have occasion to, I was briefly baffled. I say briefly because I figured it out almost immediately after the discussion, when I looked out to see what was on everyone's plates. My mom loves spicy food, just like I do. I'm a pescatarian, and so my dish was centered around fish and vegetables. My three siblings all have very specific tastes when it comes to meat. We all had managed to get something that we had never tried before, and ended up loving our meals.

Usually, we do a lot of compromising when we go out for a fine family dining experience. There's the idea that we all have to compromise what we like so we can make a group restaurant decision. My mother, for example, favors Italian food because she loves light, savory meals that are mild in spice content. My brothers love burger joints because they like to eat meals comprised primarily of meat. Me, I love spice. As a result, we usually all end up rallying for different restaurants.

Latin fusion restaurants are so diverse in their menu that we don't have to worry about this anymore! We all have menu favorites. My mom, who has never been as crazy about Latin food as me or my brothers even, is as satisfied with her new favorite as we are with ours. She's been telling all of her friends to check out our local establishment, and if that's not great advertisement, I don't know what is. She's been known to be pretty stubborn when she wants to be, especially when it comes to dining out!

From Appleton, Wisconsin to New York City and everywhere in between, this culinary genre is changing lives and taking names. If you'd told me last year we'd all share a favorite place to eat, I would've laughed at the thought; but that's my pleasant reality now. Long live the flavorful legacy of Latin Fusion food! We look forward to many more exciting evenings together as a family at our new favorite place.

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