Family Fusion: My Latin Fusion Experience

I am a huge fan of Latin fusion restaurants, and if you ask my friends, they'll probably tell you that I preach the gospel of Latin fusion food to anyone who will listen. A few of them might actually be kind of annoyed by it at this point, but they know that I'm somewhat of an amateur foodie myself, and that annoyance totally melts away when I take them out of my favorite local fusion place for some signature margaritas and fresh guacamole appetizers. I mean, how can you stay mad through that? Latin fusion is offering some of the most unique takes on traditional Hispanic and Latin food I've ever personally experienced, and I actively hunt down good Latin food. It's kind of my thing.

My dad has always been a huge fan of sampling different Hispanic and Latin cuisines. Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, I got a lot of exciting traditional meal experiences from my dad, and also my aunts and Abuela when they were able to visit. I have a lot of love for the classics - for us that meant mofongo, plantains, etc. - but I'm also a modern woman and I'm a hundred percent in love with the idea of bringing the traditional into the modern age through cultural innovation. That's what fusion is - it's a claim that we are still relevant, the way that we do things are still valuable and important, and that there is a place for our culture even when everything is changing and chaotic in the United States of America. From Appleton, Wisconsin all the way across the big cities like New York, New York and Los Angeles, California, Latin fusion is making a name for itself as the new American family fine dining staple.

Not that I'm unfamiliar with fast food tacos - what writer hasn't had a 3 a.m. taco craving while finishing up a deadline, right? - but I never thought of Hispanic or Latin food as anything other than family oriented because of my upbringing. Even if we were eating out, exploring Mexican and Spanish cuisine especially has been a family experience. My mom never really liked Spanish food, but she loves Latin fusion food, and that's baffled me. Fusion's strength is absolutely exciting in that it really does offer something for everyone, refusing to allow any cultures strict culinary rules to define it's modern cuisine, but keeping enough of the familiar touches in the meal itself to create an authentic Latin culinary experience. The results are stunning. After all, if you can bring someone as picky as my mom on board, well, you've really done something special.

Latin fusion restaurants are quickly making a name for themselves on the national stage as a fine dining experience not to be missed, so wrangle up a group of friends and family and have a night out. You won't regret it - and then you'll finally know what it is everyone in the industry is excited about these days! Knowledge is power, and who ever said power couldn't be delicious?

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is an SEO content writer who has covered a variety of topics, including Latin Fusion restaurants.

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