Filled With Joy When You Have an Autistic Child - How?

Having a child with autism can be shocking, sad, and difficult. It causes many thoughts emotions and concern. Did you know, that there is also joy in experiencing the unwanted news that your child was diagnosed with autism and you can be filled with it?

First of all, you as parent(s) can think yourself into being filled with joy? I suppose you are wondering how that could happen with the news of your child and the uncertain future of the child and your family being part of the reality.

I have learned and experienced with my brother, when he was younger with his autism, that I could think myself to be emotionally in control. I also, knew as I became older, I became more free from the stress to be calm, and understood what my parents were going through.

How can you as parent(s) be filled with joy when you have an autistic child? We have the ability to train our thoughts, so that we can choose to either have healthy thoughts or unhealthy thoughts that affect our well-being and the people around us.

It is an excellent idea to become aware of what you are thinking about. For example, your child who has the disorder of autism may never learn to speak verbally in a clear way so you can understand him or her and because of knowing that at the time, you choose to become depressed about it and maybe compare your child to someone else.

You can turn that thinking around and decide to be creative and find a new and fresh way to realize your child has many other strong talents and abilities and you must encourage them. As you encourage the new in your child he or she will develop new skills. You will be filled with joy and you will find other positive areas by doing this.

I experienced the pain my parents went through concerning my brother. But I also saw how their thinking and doing the positive things for my brother, there was more peace present in our family, there was little negativity and more encouragement for all of us as a family.

As parent(s), it is a good idea to want joy even though it is a challenge to raise an autistic individual. But the joy comes when you take the time to ask yourself through out the day, what are you thinking about regarding your child. If they are negative, depressed, out of control thoughts, then try to change them to bring you joy that your child was born and has a purpose and you and your child will get through the tough spots.

It works and joy does come, you become stronger and your child will become stronger also. You will discover many wonderful traits your child with autism has.

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