Finding A Fresh Alternative

When most people are asked in a survey if eating healthier was an easier, more accessible option, they answer that they would. The issue that they have are finding casual fine dining restaurants that fit within their budget, present themselves as being family friendly and have a menu that is varied enough while still having familiar entrees so it is suitable for numerous occasions. The solution that more and more people are discovering is Latin fusion restaurants.

Fusion cooking is a broad term that serves as an umbrella for numerous different styles of restaurants. In its most basic definition, it refers to any restaurant where two different ideas come together. It could be a traditional style of food preparation combined with flavors, spices and sauces that are specific to a culture or region, or it could be a particular cuisine that then forgoes the typical ingredients and replaces them with something more unexpected.

In the case of Latin fusion restaurants, the fusion element comes from the methods of preparation - and the flavors that serve as the base for most of the food being cooked - that is typical to what the chef grew up with. Two common ingredients that are staples in Latin fusion cooking are poblano peppers and mole sauce. The chef starts from this base to ensure that the final product will have the authentic flavor and feel of what he or she grew up with, but instead of creating the traditional dishes from their homeland, they instead incorporate it into steaks, pasta, seafood and even sandwiches and hamburgers.

Because the focus is on authenticity and capturing the proper flavors, most of these restaurants rely heavily on using only fresh ingredients. Processed foods and prepackaged sauces cannot deliver the same flavor that they are expecting, nor do they cook the same way they are used to, so most everything in the restaurant is going to be made from scratch. Many Latin fusion restaurants pride themselves on not even having a freezer on the premises because of how fresh everything is that they prepare.

What makes Latin fusion restaurants stand out from other fusion style dining options is the familiarity of the food. Most people are familiar with Mexican food and the Tex-Mex style of cooking, and probably everyone in this country has had chips and salsa at some point in their life, so they have a basic knowledge of what the flavor profile is going to be. However, the difference between Tex-Mex and Latin fusion is akin to the difference between a frozen hamburger cooked in a frying pan and a perfectly grilled Filet Mignon.

As people's tastes become more adventurous, more options are being presented, and the chance to eat heathy and affordably is greater than ever, thanks especially to the proliferation of Latin fusion restaurants.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the Food and Beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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