Finding A One Stop Marketing Shop

The advances in technology and mobile computing means that advertising and marketing can be more precise than ever these days. Instead of relying on mass appeals and hoping for a small return, now direct marketing campaigns can be created to reach target audiences that best fit the demographic of your business. The trade-off to this means constantly staying on top of all aspects of the marketing game. To do that, you need to find a company that not only specializes in search engine optimization but also creative content, personal management, graphic design and even social media management.

Too many businesses begin to fail because they do not fully embrace the digital revolution. They think that just because they have a website, people doing an online search will automatically find them. In this regard, they treat the internet like it is simply a computerized version of the Yellow Pages: people looking for a bakery will type that in and the results will be a listing of all the bakeries in the area. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the savvy business owner, that is not how it works.

The search engine results are determined by complex algorithms that scour the internet looking for the most popular uses of the keywords being entered. In other words, it is a big case of "What have you done for me lately?" A website may have all the right words and phrases, but there is new media coming online every day, and without that website being refreshed on a regular basis, it is not going to make the cut. Of course, it would be impossible to constantly rewrite a website, but by adding a blog that is updated every few days with installments including the most recent keywords, it brings the website back up to the forefront.

This is only one small part of the solution. People these days are relying not only on what their search engines are telling them, they are also listening to friends as well as strangers. They look to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to see what businesses their friends like, and they are reading reviews on such peer to peer sites as Yelp, Yahoo, TripAdvisor and UrbanSpoon. A company needs to be active in these places as well if they want to stay relevant.

Handling all of that used to be time consuming, as a business owner has to contract with several different companies and then try and coordinate their efforts. Today, the best SEO companies realize that the skills they already offer can translate into these other services, and by offering their client's a one stop marketing shop, not only can they save their client time and money, they can also help maximize the results and have the client achieve the goals they have set out for their business.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer and blogger who has been covering the use of media applications for small business marketing solutions even before those buzzwords became passé.

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