Finding A Stray Pit Bull

Brody and I decided to go on a nice Sunday afternoon walk on November 3rd, 2013. For Arizona, it wasn't too cold yet and it was the perfect time of day for a walk. We didn't get two minutes out the door until a friendly creature ran up to Brody to give him hugs and kisses. I looked up to greet the owner, only to realize, there was nobody around. This little puppy didn't even have a leash or collar!So, Brody and I continued on our walk, all the while, this little puppy followed us all throughout the apartment complex as happy as can be! She followed us all the way home! When I got home I rushed to my girlfriend who greeted the puppy with a smile!"Can you watch her? I'm gonna go look for the owner!" I rushed back out to look for anyone out and about who seemed to be looking for a puppy or calling out names. We printed fliers and posted them all over the neighborhood. We took her into Petsmart to get scanned for a microchip.

To make a long story short, it has been over a month now and nobody has claimed her. Her name is Macy after Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and she is about 5 months old now. She already knows how to sit, shake, stay and she is still working on 'drop it.' At first, she was a little 'ruff' during play mode, but she has become more gentle over this past month.The big issue right now is the potty training. We have a nick name for her - 'Pee Dog.' "Oh No! Here comes the Pee Dog!" We always say. Poops are rare, but they can happen. For that, we have a little product named What Stain.What Stain is perfect for Macy! It's made of all natural ingredients and it comes from the same company who made What Odor, which does a great job to eliminate odors. How Does Brody Deal With The Pee Dog? At first, Brody was pretty concerned about what this crazy puppy was doing in his house. He would run away from her and perch up on the couch cushions so she couldn't lick him.After a month he seems to be taking a liking to her. Macy is good for Brody because it makes him more active. Ever since Macy has been around, he has started to act like a puppy again.

Brody is good for Macy because she has a brother to look up to and follow. Brody has taught her everything from 'people food' to 'walk time.' There is one thing he cannot teach her; how to not be a Pee Dog! Dealing With Stains Eventually, the inevitable happened: The Pee Dog pooped on the carpet. To clean this, we used What Stain from What Products as mentioned above. The bottle claims that all the ingredients are 100% natural and safe for pets. I was glad to find such a product, but I was skeptical."What could all natural ingredients do for stains?" I though to myself, "There's no way that this stuff could take care of the Pee Dog's messes!"On the back it says: Safe for people, pets and the planetCompletely eliminates stains, guaranteed!Non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable products -- think green and cleanSafe for use on a variety of surfaces including carpets, rugs, upholstery, fabric, tile and much more - using no harsh chemicalsActive ingredients break down the stainGreat for pet stains (urine, fecal and vomit accidents), cola, wine, dirt and mud, high traffic areasThe directions say to spray the stain and let it sit and then dab it with a cloth. It also says, for heavy duty stains, repeat and soak the stain longer.After cleaning Macy's poop up, I can verify that What Stain actually does work, but it takes some time for tough stains, like poop.

Learning About The Pit Bull Mix Pit Bulls get a bad wrap because of their past and portrayal through the media. In actuality, pit bulls are strongly influenced by the way they are brought up. The Chicago Tribune reports that 40% of its shelters are made up of pit bulls and pit bull mixes and two-thirds of the dogs that get euthanized if they aren't adopted.This is extremely sad, and it is one of the main reasons we didn't take Macy to the pound. We were stressed about the financial and responsibility toll this would take on our lives, but we knew we would be heart broken if Macy met her demise at our hands. So, we decided to keep her.Pit bulls fill the shelters because they are constantly being bred and sold. Pit bulls go for up to $1,000 dollars on eBay but are abandoned a lot. Many pit bulls are abandoned by their owners after a year because they are not as cute as when they were puppies. Others abandon them because they are moving into an apartment that doesn't allow pit bulls or they simply just can't afford them anymore.The American Humane Association reports that the most common reason for giving up the owner's dog is that the owner's apartment complex or homeowner's insurance policy did not approve of them.

Andrew Clifford's research was inspired by odor eliminating spray and his curiosity of what ingredients make up these products.

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