Finding All-In-One Marketing Solutions

The most savvy business owners today know that the key to success lies in fully exploiting all of the channels that the internet provides. The problem is that for most business owners, when it comes to marketing, that is all they know. Knowing they need to and knowing they have to are two very different things. Thankfully for them there is an industry out there dedicated to providing those marketing solutions, and that is the search engine optimization industry.

Search engine optimization has become such a crucial part of doing business these days that any start-up or small business knows that their best chance for being successful means partnering up with the right SEO company. For most of these first time business owners, they also know they have to create a website, set up at least one social media account and preferably several, hire graphic designers to create the logo and image and, depending on the type of business they have, potentially even work with someone to handle personal promotion and fundraising. That means visiting with - or at least emailing to - several different businesses and vendors, or at least it used to.

While it is still the bedrock of the services they offer, many search engine optimization companies have been expanding their services over the years to include all of those other options as well. They recognize that the same technology that enables them to move their clients higher up in the ratings war can also be used for social media management, website design and other technological needs. They also know that many small businesses that are just getting started have neither the time nor the capital to engage several different vendors, so by offering them a package deal where they handle all of these needs for them, they can save them plenty of both.

The other benefit to working with one vendor when it comes to internet marketing is that it creates cohesion and a single vision. Everything can be created and tracked in house, and if changes need to be made, it involves one email or phone call and not several, which can result in confusing and costly delays.

Today's successful SEO company is far different from those of even a few years ago. Now they are one stop shops for all the needs faced by young businesses trying to compete. From creating the website to first announce a company's presence to crowdsource funding management to raise the money they need to social media management, making sure that they are reaching out to the preferred demographic and of course, to search engine optimization to ensure they keep coming back out on top, they now provide the all-in-one marketing solutions that every company is looking for.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer whose idea of social media management is to walk away from his computer every so often.

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