Finding Family Dining Through Latin Fusion

Fine family dining is such an incredible experience, if you can pull it off. I know, I know... that sounded pessimistic but I'm trying to be a realist! If your family is anything like mine, you've got a lot of different tastes, personality types and dietary restrictions to keep in mind when figuring out what kind of restaurant you should choose for your outing. There is also, of course, the reason behind the outing itself, which will have a bearing on where you choose to go. A dance recital dinner might require something a little more highbrow or formal than, say, a favorite diner but a family breakfast would be perfectly at home at a local pub with a casual atmosphere. My go-to for all special events, whether they be my siblings sports team victories, school achievements, birthdays, holidays, or other instances that demand family acknowledgement, is going out to our local Latin fusion restaurant.

Having a fusion place in Appleton, Wisconsin means that this joint definitely stands out, but in the best ways. Latin fusion food is something that's starting to make a real spark in the American fine dining culture, inspiring families nationwide to try something new - although, perhaps, not too new. I think the best thing about fusion is that if you already love Latin or Spanish food, there's a low risk factor in terms of ordering something you might dislike. I'm a huge fan of celebrating cultural advancement, evolution and achievement, claiming Hispanic heritage myself, and I love all kinds of food from these cultures - Mexican, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc. - so I was pretty sure I'd love the food here. I wasn't quite ready for how much I loved it, though! It's great to have found a local gem that my family and I can agree on.

There have been so many great meals there, with mind blowing margaritas and ground shaking guacamole, and I've never left dissatisfied with my meal or drinks. My family can finally agree on a place to go out to together as it has a huge menu selection. Even my grandmother, who never really liked Spanish food, has found favorites among this places menu selection. I'm a pescatarian, and the food and veggie variations are to die for. The best part is, I decided to check this place out on a whim. I had a date, but after they'd canceled on me, I decided to take up the reservation anyway. I called up a couple of friends to meet me there, and we had a fantastic meal and evening at the new hottest place in town. At the end of the day, I'm kicking back with Latin fusion food, incredible margaritas and great friends in a stress free environment. It was worth every penny, and I'm always delighted to bring people there for the first time, especially visiting friends and family from out of town. There is truly something for everyone at this place!

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