Finding Forex Training Courses - 7 Things Every Forex Course Should Have

It's no secret that all of us looking into trading forex are interested in making money. To that end we do a wide variety of things to ensure success, including signing up for forex training courses and demo accounts.

When choosing which forex educational courses to take there are certain must-haves that all courses should offer…if they expect you to pay for them. Make sure the trading courses you choose provide you with everything you need to succeed!

Forex Basics

Any forex training course worth the cost of the class should provide you with a complete breakdown of currency trading basics. If you don't understand forex fundaments then finding success as a currency trader will be quite difficult.

The course should explain the different trading indicators and charts you will be using as a trader as well as offer suggestions in choosing a trading strategy.

Course Outline

The forex educational course you choose, whether as a beginner or experienced trader, should allow you to see what the class has to offer before you pull out your credit card. This doesn't mean you'll get full access to the class and all required materials, but you should be able to see what the course will teach you before paying.

Many training courses are quite expensive so it's important that you're able to see the course outline in its entirety to make sure you will learn what you need to about trading currencies.

What Affects Forex Prices

Any training course you sign up for should tell you what factors can affect currency prices. Many things can affect how an individual or pair of currencies perform in the currency exchange market including natural disasters, political unrest and economic instability.

The course that you ultimately decide on should tell you what will affect prices so you know what type of sources (other than indicators) to use to research the strength or weakness of your currency pairings.

Reading Forex Indicators

Being able to read and interpret trading indicators is one of the most important aspects of being a successful trader. All legitimate training courses should break down the trading indicators in their respective categories and let you know how to read them for proper market entries and exits.

Forex Demo Trading

The only way a course is helping prepare you for trading on your own is if it offers a demo trading program. Just like in traditional school, the training course you decide on should allow you to practice trading on your own.

Forex demo trading programs will give you the chance to make real trades, with virtual money, to help you choose a forex trading strategy that will work best for you without risking real money.

Forex Trading Examples

You want to be able to see a real forex trader, hopefully the teacher, perform live trading examples on the foreign exchange market. Whether these live trades are by DVD or live streaming, your course should give you the opportunity to see trades while the market is open.

This will prepare you for the sometimes fast action of the exchange market. Looking at trading examples will give you a look at the many ways the market can fluctuate so you're never caught off guard.


Finally, a good forex training class worth your hard-earned money should provide you with some type of support. You should be able to ask questions and receive answers in a timely manner. You should also have access to tech support if your education takes place online.

Andrew Daigle is the owner and author of many successful websites including ForexBoost, a free Forex educational site to learn Forex trading strategies

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