Finding Fresh Family Friendly Fare

The biggest challenge that parents face when it comes to making sure their kids are eating is making sure that the kids are eating well. Everyone these days has a busy schedule, not just their parents, so far too often kids are eating processed foods, loaded with sugar, that are not the healthy choice for them. That is why it is imperative for parents to find a family friendly restaurant that features high quality fresh ingredients as part of their menu when going out for a family dinner.

Unfortunately, many of the national chain restaurants, while certainly making strides to feature healthier menu items focused on the adults, drop the ball when it comes to feeding the kids. Their kid's menus tend to rely heavily on simple processed menu items like chicken fingers and pasta that cannot be altered. They focus on basic items they know will appeal to the widest range of children, menu items that the parents will agree with just because they do not want to risk causing a scene or having an argument while trying to suggest alternative menu items for the kids. Once they see their old favorite, it is impossible to suggest anything else.

The alternative to this is to find a casual fine dining restaurant that features a menu heavy on house made items. A perfect solution is to look for a privately owned restaurant with a Latin fusion menu. To create the sauces and flavors that are the bedrock to a Latin fusion menu requires using only fresh ingredients. Any kitchen that is already going this distance in order to offer authentic flavors will typically go the extra mile and create most if not all of their menu items using fresh ingredients.

This flexibility gives parents many more options, because it helps to open up the casual fine dining menu to further interpretation. Instead of having a very select few items to choose from, kids can now have the full run of the menu, as the chef is able to hold back on some of the spices or remove certain ingredients which may be stumbling blocks. Kids refuse to eat certain foods not necessarily because they do not like them, but rather because they do not know what they are. If a dish can be amended in such a way to retain much of the signature flavor while holding out the one or two things that may make the child squeamish, it will go a long way towards expanding that child's taste buds.

Not every meal can be an ideal one in regard to health and nutrition, but that also does not mean that a family needs to settle every time they go out to dinner. Finding fresh family friendly fare is easier than you think, as long as you know the type of restaurant you should be looking for.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been known to go out to dinner occasionally, and by occasionally, he means all the time.

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