Finding The Right Father's Day Gift

There is probably no single industry more thrilled about Father's Day each year than the international coalition of Tie Makers. People buy their dads a tie each year even if they only own one suit and only wear it when someone is either getting married or buried. People say how hard it is to shop for Mother's Day, but they are confusing lazy with easy. This year, surprise your father by buying him something he will actually use and enjoy throughout the year: a membership in a wine of the month club.

These wine clubs are just as straightforward as their name sounds. Once a month, they ship out wine to each of their members. Most of the clubs offer several membership levels and length of enrollment, so you can tailor your gift to what you think your father would like best. The other aspect of their business that they share is that none of these clubs simply send an intern to a wine store with a credit card once a month and tell them how many bottles they need. As for what bottles they do send out, well, that is where no two clubs are the same.

Each wine of the month club has a specific focus that helps to set their club apart. These focuses tend to be very specific, such as featuring only Santa Ynez wines or one particular varietal like Merlot or Pinot Grigio. Even the ones that seem more general do so in a very particular way. There are clubs that offer their members vintages that are only available from private collectors or small batch wineries who do not offer their wines for sale anywhere other than their own vineyard.

Another good reason for choosing a wine club as a gift is that these wine experts might have a better idea of what kind of wine your father likes than you do. By answering questions that might not seem to have much to do with wine, such as how does he drink his coffee and what is his favorite meal, they can get a sense of his palate and determine which membership plan will be the best for him. This way, he can be introduced to new wines that will have a high likelihood of being something he will enjoy, even if he has never heard of them.

Of course, the best thing for you about this gift is that it will remind your father each month of just what a good son or daughter you are. And if you are smart enough to figure out when the wine gets delivered each month, it might be a good excuse to visit your parents more often.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been writing about the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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