Fish Care and Aquariums

Marine fish include the Acanthurus leucosternon and Acanthurus lineadae. The first breed is the Powder Blue Surgeonfish. The Surgeonfish come from the family of Acanthuridae, which dwells in the tropical Indo-Pacific Oceans. This pressed oval shape fish has a small mouth and pectoral fins. The fins are long. In addition, the fish has low, shallow notches around his caudal fins. Powder Blue Surgeonfish have black masked face, sky blue body, and yellow stripes around the lower jaw and striped down the scalpel spine. White bars contrast the multi-colors. Powder Blue Surgeonfish grow up to 11 ¾ inches in size.

Powder Blue Surgeonfish Environmental Preferences Powder Blue Surgeonfish prefer water temperatures at 77 degrees to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Powder Blue Surgeonfish prefer substrate environments, as well as a pH balance at 8.2 to 9.4. Water density should be around 1.020 at all times. The tank should have good lighting. As well, the tank should be large and have a sandy bottom. The Powder Blue Surgeonfish is a good tank fish, since it feeds of algae. The downside is the fish will eat smaller creatures. The fish will also eat the flesh of Enchytraea mussels. In addition, the fish will eat particular shrimps, such as the Mysis. Powder Blue Surgeonfish will also eat dried foodstuffs, as well as vegetables.

Powder Blue Surgeonfish has a biological nature. The fish is energized and always on the run. This fish prefers to roam on his own, therefore if you attempt to put this fish in a tank with other fish, beware.

Acanthurus lineatus The Clown Surgeonfish come from the family of Acanthuridae. The fish habitats in various areas of the Pacific Indian Oceans: The Clown Surgeonfish is somewhat ugly, yet his ugliness is appealing if that makes sense. The fish has electric or powdered blue, violet, or gray-blue colors. The fish has yellow-brownish pinstripes as well. The fish grows up to 8 inches and has a narrow caudal fin. Clown Surgeonfish prefer water temperatures between 75 degrees and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Water density is expected to be at 1.023 and the pH balance level over eight. The fish expects good light, and demands sufficient hiding corners, as well as luxury tank furnishings. The fish prefers to eat zooplanktons, and you should vary the foodstuff, since this fish does not adapt easily to aquarium foods. NOTE: Zooplanktons consist of microscopic animals, which include protozoan.

Clown Surgeonfish does not acclimatize well in aquarium environments. The fish has a nervous nature, which includes an anti-social side. The fish should reside with his own kin. You should take care when handling the Clown Surgeonfish since its spiny tail will inflict painful wounds.

The Gold Rim Surgeonfish is a family to the Acanthuridae fish, and is found under Acanthurus Glaucopareius. The tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean fish has a violent and brown tinted shade that offsets blue/orange fins. The fins have white edging that offset wide white striped cheeks. The stripes also set off the mouth and eyes. This critter grows up to 13 ¾ inches in size. Gold Rim fish dwell in water temperatures set between 75 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH level should be set at eight and the density should be around 1.027. You want to arrange the bottom of the tank with sand and stones, as well provide these critter good lights. The fish also demands a surplus of furnishings, as well as substrate environments. The fish demands that you provide him a variety of foods, since he is finicky. In addition, the fish has a biological nature and is known for is activeness swimming.

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