Fitness Centers in Miami; Treadmill vs Elliptical

There has been a great debate over which piece of equipment is better for you when it comes to an indoor cardio workout. Some would argue that the elliptical is better because it encompasses a more full body workout. Others say neither and you should stick with walking or running outdoors. We decided to look into fitness centers in Miami and try both pieces of equipment to decide for ourselves.

We looked up some fitness centers in Miami, settling on one that promised a unique environment and allowed for guest visits. We walked in and had to agree that the atmosphere was unlike any other. We were greeted in a way that made us feel welcomed and there was an air of determination.

After a short tour of this amazing fitness center we stepped on the elliptical and set the controls for a workout that would gently push us outside of our comfort zone. The rhythmic flow of the arms and legs made it easy to work out to music. Just keep the beat and it felt more like a dance than a workout. As we fell into the ski-like pattern of the elliptical workout we began to take notice of the one of a kind layout of this gym. Besides the bright airy feel of the place, you could see that this was different from other fitness centers in Miami.

A short thirty minutes later we stepped off the elliptical and took notice of not only how we felt but how many calories we had burned and our heartrate. We were both doing well and decided it was time to step onto a treadmill. We were rather enjoying this test as it not only gave us some good statistics but a great workout and in one of the best fitness centers in Miami that we had ever stepped foot in.

After setting the controls on the treadmill to match the workout we just had on the elliptical, we began to walk fast. We were moving at a pace just shy of a jog, which seemed to require more work than the elliptical. As we again tuned into our music and fell into a pattern we continued to evaluate the gym. We could clearly see from the look on the members and trainers faces that this club offered a unique experience, one that couldn't possibly match other fitness centers in Miami. This club and this experience were definitely different.

Our time on the treadmill drew to a close and as we stepped off the machines we evaluated how we felt and again the machine summary of our workout. We noticed that in the same amount of time and with a similar level of exertion, the elliptical gave us a better calorie burn, but the treadmill was more challenging.

As we stepped outside the most amazing fitness center in Miami we decided that the best machine is the one that offers the individual the workout they are seeking.

Jen Calvin likes to dance on the elliptical and speed walk on the treadmill, but nothing beats a power walk outside with the blazing sun beating down on her shoulders.

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