Five Biggest Brands for Men's Sandals Online

Mens Sandals is a diverse category because sandals are built for varied functions. They are uniformly grouped by the common feature that the instep is exposed in some way, but beyond that just about any feature you can envision you can probably find in a sandal. There are casual sandals, outdoor and hiking sandals, casual athletic sandals, etc. Discussed in this article are the major brands of men's sandals across all use categories.

Teva - Teva is best known for its sandals. More so than any other type of footwear, even though it makes as many other styles of footwear as it does sandals. While they have some casual sandals for strolling down the street in a pair of slacks, they mainly focus on sandals for outdoor use, such as rafting. If you are doing any type of water sports, your search must include browsing the Teva collection. They also make some thong sandals similar in style as Reef. Prices range from $20 a pair for simple thong sandals to $70 a pair for closed toe sport sandals.

Crocs - Crocs footwear is a newcomer to the shoe industry but has brought something so unique that they have become a popular and very well known brand. With their moldable single cast footwear, they blend low cost with molded comfort. Most of their men's collection could be viewed as a sandal though they make a number of different styles including Thong sandals (starting around $20 a pair) to their clog styled footwear (still technically a sandal because of the holes in the instep included to improve air flow and offer a breezy sandal feel. Their footwear is really best for loafing after work and personally I don't think much more, but for that function they are a great price for great comfort and easy maintenance.

O'Neill - O'Neill is a relatively small brand with only about 40 styles in their current collection. They also make a couple of slipper styles and some deck shoes, but otherwise, the entire collection is casual thong sandals. If you spend much of your time headed to and from the beach, O'Neill, Scott Hawaii, Reef are all styles to consider. Prices range from $20 to $50 a pair.

Scott Hawaii - Like O'Neill, Scott Hawaii sandals are nearly all thong sandals designed for beach life. These type of sandals wear out rather quickly when you spend a lot of time on concrete and because they are thong sandals change the way you walk making them less ideal for extended walks but for a short trip from your car to the beach, they are great and Scott Hawaii are a little more colorful than O'Neill or Reef brand surf sandals. Like O'Neill, pay between $25 and $60 a pair.

Reebok - Reebok differs from the other brands on this list as the one brand that makes a whole lot more than just sandals. All the other brands on the list are more focused footwear brands while Reebok is a full service footwear brand with a long history. Reebok has always been an athletic oriented brand and their sandals are no exception, and they are best known for their athletic styled sandals. The design of these sandals is primarily for getting you to and from the gym. They slip on easily, cinch tight with an adjustable Velcro strap, and are not thongs sparing you the pair of a thong sandal if you don't care for thongs. For easy wear they are a great choice. Expect to pay $30 for a pair.

When choosing sandals, first think about what you intend to use them for and then search through brands with that theme. Major themes are surf sandals (Reef, O'Neill, Scott Hawaii), casual dress sandals (Birkenstock), casual comfort sandals (Clogs), outdoor sport sandals (Teva, Keen), and athletic casual sandals (Reebok, New Balance).

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