Flappy Bird The Walking Death - City Bird

Have you ever won any Flappy Bird games, guys? If you have yet to enjoy them, your best chance is coming; take it to enjoy a great game - City Bird. This game is another installment of Flappy Bird, so it is simpler than ever. That is why you should play it and gain expert scores as you expect, guys. Definitely, you will feel good while controlling your bird.

Necessary Skills While Playing City Bird
Actually, all of the life-changing discoveries are never easy. They are often full of dangers and explorative challenges. Honestly, your journey this time will be adventurous, guys. Before starting City Bird, you have to make sure:

The Controlling game skills
Most of the bird games are controlled by tapping the mouse. If any players are not good at this skill, they will actually get in trouble and much difficulty to win the game with the high score. Once they lose their control, immediately the bird fall off the ground. Wow! It is not simple for you, guys.

The Issue Solving skill
While guiding the bird from place to place, the players have to be smart and agile. As you know, hazards will appear during the adventure, so you need to reflex and handle issues well in order to help their cute bird move ahead.

Make an Interesting Adventure with Your Bird around a City
Now, it is time to guide your bird to a beautiful city and watch its wonderful landscapes. Look! Many buildings, houses, malls, and other structures are being built in this city. Hurry up to aid him to fly over them and enjoy great moments.

Besides, gamers have to be cautious about everything around. They must take their bird through gaps by flying over pipes. If he touches these obstacles, or even drops on the ground, he will be dead, and then the journey will be closed. Wow! The trip will be full of the challenges, guys. Are you curious about how to pass over them and get a fantastic adventure? Let's follow instructions below:

Fly Low:
When coming into the pipes on a low side and tap right before, there is the less opportunity of tapping so hard and crashing on a high side. If coming in middle or high one and tap a little bit so difficult, the gamers can kill the bird. The best method is to keep crashing on the high side greatly, and they can triple their score fast.

It's All In The Timing
The most crucial skill to win City Bird gloriously is Timing the taps. To move on and keep flying in the air continuously, the gamers have to tap quickly and tap regularly.

Go to Nhung Pham's site: http://flyingbirdgames.com/view/46/city-bird.html to enjoy the most challenging and interesting Flappy Bird Games.

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