Florence Attractions in Italy

Florence is a city that even if you were born through its history you will never know all of it's secrets. The history of Florence is expressed through many places, many of which lie well behind private walls outside the traditional routes of Florence tours.
The immense historical, cultural and artistic history breaks up into a thousand streets, alleys and squares more or less known, creating an endless amount of choices for all those tourists who annually visit the capital of Tuscany.
Knowledge of Florence that many people escape because it is visible only to a lucky few. The wonderful aerial view that Florence offers from a helicopter, from this location you can see the many private and public gardens that interrupt the impressive cityscape that are often divided by high walls and buildings, that limit the view from the bottom.
This is another confirmation that Florence can be multi-faceted in its great beauty. Unfortunately many tourists only have the opportunity to visit Florence for a few days and this follow only Florence tours to see at least the main monuments of the city.
It actually takes far more lengthy and detailed visits to be able to take full advantage of the beauty and feelings that you may have admiring.
Some monuments not to be missed are the Duomo, where in one square there is the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with its Brunelleschi's Dome which dominates and Giotto's bell tower, soaring up with all the beauty of its colors. An other important monument of this square is the Baptistery of San Giovanni, in Romanesque style, adorned with bronze doors by Ghiberti and Andrea Pisano.
An important place not to be missed is Piazza della Signoria, the political heart of Florence since ancient times, which have followed the rulers of Florence from the past to the present day. In this square there's Palazzo Vecchio present site of the city of Florence and the museum can be visited daily.
Next to Palazzo Vecchio oyou can admire the impressive Galleria degli Uffizi, designed and built by Vasari in the sixteenth century on the will of the Medici family, the Uffizi museum are now the most visited Italian museum ever, and are home to masterpieces of painting of incalculable artistic value.
The visit of the Uffizi requires several hours and long waits to access them because of the long lines of visitors, who daily queue to enter this fantastic museum.
Continuing after the Uffizi we come to Ponte Vecchio one of the most important symbols in Florence, which since 1500 with the creation of the Vasari Corridor through it. Spaced a few meters from the floor above the shops and workshops of the goldsmiths, who were moved to this place on the will of the Medici who considered them more suitable for a road at that time.
A few hundred meters you arrive in Piazza Pitti, dominated by the majestic facade of Palazzo Pitti, which was the residence of the Medici family during their rule in Florence. With the arrival of the Medici family this building of the '400 was enlarged and equipped with a beautiful park, the famous Boboli Gardens.
Pitti Palace is now home to several museums and exhibitions of great artistic value.

Susanna Mantovani organizes Florence tours tours for many years with great skill and passion, the focus has to share the wealth of knowledge that has accumulated during his long experience of driving in Florence with all the visitors who turn to her for guidance to discover Florence.
Susanna is a professional guide recognized by all the major museums in Florence

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