Foods To Avoid In Dog Cake Recipes

Foods That Should Never Be Included in Dog Cake Recipes

No one ever intends on including ingredients that are potentially harmful to pets in dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes. Every once in awhile, however, owners may slip in something that they think their furry friends may love. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients when included in dog cake recipes can easily severely harm or even kill your pets. Below is a compilation of the six foods that pets should never eat whether in dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes.


Chocolate: The no brainer. If there is one thing that everyone knows not to include in any type of dog cake recipes or other treats for your dog, it's chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine, an alkaloid that's similar in structure to caffeine. Although a small amount of chocolate may have little to no effect on dogs, it is better to stay away from the ingredient in general.


Large amounts of garlic in either dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes are a no-no. Substantial amounts of garlic can make animals anemic and cause gastrointestinal problems. The chemical compound thiosulfate is the enemy in this silent killer. Although it would take a large amount of garlic to seriously harm an animal, there is no reason to include it in any dog cake recipes you may be considering.


Onions, unlike many other ingredients, are something that could easily kill your animals. Like garlic, onions contain thiosulfates, which, even in small amounts, can quickly hurt and kill dogs and other pets even. Onions also contain something called allyl propyl disulfide which permanently damages red blood cells, causing oxygen deprivation. If onion is somehow used in dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes it can cause discolored urine, liver damage, difficulty breathing, dermatitis and anemia.


Avocados contain persin, an ingredient that is extremely toxic to animals. Although it would be extremely difficult to incorporate avocado into any dog cake recipes, don't even bother. This ingredient can sicken and kill any animal that ingests it, making it a good idea to keep them out of the reach of animals in general.


Bones can wreak havoc on a dog's digestive system. If you are including meat in your dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes, make sure to keep the bones away from the dogs. Although pets love them, they can be easily ingested or cause tooth and mouth injuries.


This ingredient is one that should probably go without saying, but beer should never be included in any dog cake recipes. Dogs have much smaller bodies than humans and also have faster metabolisms, therefore processing the alcohol much less effectively. To cut to the chase, never use any dog cake recipes that suggest beer as a good idea.

Dog cake recipes and homemade dog food recipes are a fun, healthy way to make sure that your animal is getting a tasty treat packed with the nutrients that they need for a long, healthy life. Although some of the ingredients mentioned above may not find their way near a cake, treat or food, it is always a good idea to stay educated on what foods need to be out of reach from your furry friends.

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