Forms of Art

Applying paint on the surface is known as painting and forms an important art. Creating art in paintings is no child's play. It requires immense creative skills like:

• A creative mind to create an image on an empty canvas

• A heart with feelings to give the colors to the painting

• The hand to brush the colors and make the image a bliss to the eye

Meaning of Abstract Art

Abstract art is a visual song. Just like the words of a song appeal to you likewise, the colors, shapes, pattern and form of an abstract painting appeal the viewer to dance in bliss. Abstract art does not imply to one image; rather it applies to the viewer's thoughts and showcases that many ideologies as well. In fact too many, on entering an exhibition of abstract art one might end up saying my child can make much better, or my child could have made this, what's so big about this? Big is the excellent drawing skills, a sense of composition and the immense knowledge of which color to go where, is what makes an abstract painting from an artist to hang in the exhibition, and the ones made by children to be seen with happiness in their books. Over the years Art has grown into many forms like Modern Abstract, Contemporary, Commissioned and Commercial art from the simple painting on canvases.

Modern Abstract Art: Abstract art is what carries the line-my child could do better. As difficult abstract art is to interpret Modern Abstract Art goes a few steps ahead. It not only showcases what the painter wants to express, but allows the viewer also to see their own thoughts. To a novice they may look like splattering of colors, but to the eye an art lover the colors will be expressions and the patterns images of what the artist is trying to show. In short Modern Abstract Art is by the Impressionists from the 1880's to 1970.

Contemporary Art: Contemporary Art is the successor of Modern art. It's a conflation of modern art better known as contemporary art by non-specialists. Contemporary paintings began from the 1960's and are made up to this very minute. This art is much more social conscious then the latter. This art easily connects to an issue like globalization, feminism, bio-engineering, multi-culturism and severe issues like AIDS as well.

Commissioned Art: Commission art is the process of getting your art made by someone else and paying them for it, not just with your specifications, but be a part of the painting. Even in history commission art has been talked about. Rulers and governments use to commission public art to put their laws in front of the citizens and to demonstrate power.

Commercial Art: As the name suggests commercial art is intended for advertising. A commercial artist requires skills like free-had drawing, painting, able to use graphic and designing software's and should hold knowledge on the advertising principles. Commercial art is used to advertise a product or service. Unlike fine art, this one exists for a product.

Stephan Schoeppler is an abstract artist living in Destin, Florida. He specializes in Modern Abstract Art and Contemporary Art. He also creates Commercial Art as well as Art by Commission.

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