Fusion Food Revolution

Latin Fusion cuisine is the conscious future of Latino food in the United States of America. There's always been an evolving trend with Latino cuisine in the States - so many different pan-hispanic cultures, all immigrating to the U.S. and bringing their own recipes, traditions, and rituals with them. Keeping the past alive is so important in all aspects of our cultural traditions, especially if we use it to build towards a brighter future. This includes encouraging Latino artists to create, write, and publish new media in relationship to the Latino experience, but that artistry does not need to stop at simple media works. It can also extend over into food preparation and cuisine evolution. There's no clearer example of this happening in our community today than through Latin fusion food.

Fusion takes a simple and exceptionally brilliant concept and takes it to its most extreme. It works like this: fusion restaurants are dedicated to bringing together the different parts of cultural foods, including recipes, flavoring, spices, etc., and bringing them all together through subtle and complex new meal designs. Latino is often a phrase used to refer to a huge swatch of cultures, as if they were a monolith. However, we all know that Latino only refers to cultures from Latin America, and though it is used interchangeably with terms like Hispanic ("derived from Spain") and Spanish ("of Spain"), it does not technically mean the same thing. These cultures are all so different that, even though they share a language - Spanish - that language can be unrecognizable when compared to one another! The very way words are sounded out and pronounced differently between Spain Spanish and Puerto Rican Spanish, for example, and Mexican Spanish has very obvious slang that is present in no other Spanish derivation. It stands to reason, then, that the same can be said about food!

Though similar recipes exist cross culturally, food is a really hard thing to pin down in such a diverse culture. Regional differences within a single country, such as Chile or Argentina, can drastically change the way a "traditional" meal is prepared, eaten and experienced. We could never try all of the variations! That's part of what makes fusion so amazing. This mix and match game is the closest thing that we can get to having it all, tasting all of the amazing foods in all of the diverse combinations that Latino cuisine can offer. That in itself is pretty incredible!

Fine family dining thrives in fusion restaurants, given the unique complexity of the menu. All the different options make it great for group outings, especially families, who can't agree on one kind of cuisine. Customization thrives in fusion restaurants - spicy, mild, fish, meat - all of that and more are available for you and your family. For your next group outing - no matter the occasion - consider Latin fusion food. Kick back with a great margarita and an even better meal. Fusion is spreading across the country, from Appleton, Wisconsin all the way to Los Angeles, California, and it only continues to grow in popularity.

Kae Colon is a writer that specializes in Latin fusion restaurants and greatly enjoys her family's secret recipes that go back generations. http://www.osorioslatinfusion.com/

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