Fusion is Back and Better Than Ever!

Fusion is the process of combining two or more things that are very different or similar. You can have fusion of two very different ideas or you can have fusion pertaining to food. Fusion restaurants are definitely on the rise and you could safely say they are trending right now in The United States. Latin fusion and Asian fusion are among the most popular types of restaurants springing up like beautiful flowers all over the country. Where did this idea come from and why are people so excited about this type of culinary genius?

Fusion began a very long time ago. Although its exact origin cannot be pinpointed to a specific date or event, it has always existed as long as different cultures were living in the same place together. When you have people of different cultures who cook very different food, it is inevitable that they will eventually get to chatting about their cuisines and share ideas and ingredients. This most certainly happened in New York City back in the day when numerous people were flocking to Ellis Island from all walks of life. These people shopped at the same market and had access to many types of ingredients - some of which they had probably never heard of! Our human nature is to be curious so when the Italian woman saw all of this fancy seafood being purchased by other cultures, she was naturally drawn to ask questions about this new type of food she had never before experienced. I can only make an inference as to how the rest of the story went down, but I imagine at some point, these ladies would get together over tea or coffee and share cooking secrets and ideas. Many of these ideas came from the old country and were never written down. This was quite possibly the birth of fusion cooking in the new world.

So why the sudden rise in fusion restaurants? The answer is simple: chefs want to expand their culinary resume and also offer a new and creative dish that his or her competitors have never seen. This not only puts them ahead of the curve when it comes to business, it also broadens their horizons pertaining to their career and experience. You never know what will and will not work until you give it a go! I personally am excited for new cooking methods because you can never have too many options when it comes to dining!

Lizz Taylor is a freelance writer who enjoys tasting new cuisines.

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