Gambling Is Booming In Sweden - Will Affiliate Marketing Too?

Gambling online has totally blown through the roof in Sweden lately. In every TV ad there is at least one promoting an online gambling site. One of the newest Swedish gambling sites was started back in 2012 and had about 6 employees 6 months after. Now, after 1,5 years they're employing 45 people. That's not the only gambling site developing in astronomous speed.

It's like what happened with the card games boom all over again. The one that almost lasted seven years, until the United States government banned it online for US players.

The purpose of this article is because I have always been wondering how so many businesses out there can make a fortune selling products nobody really needs.

When looking at a small country like Sweden, with a population of only 9 million people spending that kind of money on gambling, it becomes quite obvious to me that more countries will follow in the future.

Not any country though. Only countries with high standard of living and money to spend, that is.

It also is one of the answers to my question, people will spend money on anything. Even on something where you have the odds against you in the long run. Isn't that madness?

Anyway, instead of letting big gambling sites take all the profit from this, there are a bunch of people around the world making money as affiliates. They promote other people's product and make money from it as commissions. Either with their own websites, or through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - you name it.

Interestingly enough, not many people are actually making a living on this. If you look at the population of the world in relation to how many people there are making money from their affiliate business online - they are not many.

This is definitely something I believe will be very common in 10 years. Affiliate marketing has been there since the dawn of the internet. Back then it was much harder though. Nowadays, the overall consumption online has increased in a crazy speed lately in many countries. In Sweden, the consumption for christmas gifts in 2012 was around 25%, in 2013 the same accounted for about 50%.

Is affiliate marketing going to grow in the same pace in the years to come?

In the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia & New Zeeland, the consumption online has been quite much higher than in other countries. Now we can see an increase in many other countries as well, such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, South Africa and many, many more.

Are we going to see a dramatic shift of people moving from working 9-5, from paycheck to paycheck, to working online with affiliate marketing?

I believe we are - the gambling boom in Sweden tells me that, when we are willing to put our credit cards out to gamble, we are willing to put it out for anything.

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