Garage Carpeting to Match Your Garage Door?

Deciding what to do with the space behind your garage door has been a matter of frustration and excitement to homeowners ever since the invention of the electric garage door opener allowed for easy access. If you're planning to turn your garage into more of a room, one of the main, first-step questions you have to answer is what kind of flooring you're going to invest in.

In the last few decades, there has been a clear preference for various laminate and hardwood flooring options, because they are hearty and resist stains. However, in very recent years, homeowners are beginning to drift back towards carpeting and rugs. There are costs and benefits to both options, though of course sarpeting is usually cheaper on the outset.

Generally, when you're deciding what carpet to buy, the first thing you care about is how they will look in the space, with the walls, and if it's a color you like. The comfort factor comes in a close second- especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in your garage-room or your kids like to play on the floor, there's a lot of importance to how the fabric of the carpet feels. There is also a somewhat inverse relationship between softness and durability, and you'll want to strike a balance.

Carpets have another benefit besides softness and less expense- they help reduce fuel bills and reduce the carbon footprint of someone's home. Most carpets will help trap heat into a space, and in a garage, where the large garage door, no matter how well insulated, is going to let some cold air in, that can be very important. They also, obviously, are warmer to walk on, allowing you to avoid having to crank up the heat when it's freezing.

Another great aspect of carpet is the sound-deafening quality it tends to have. If your garage is connected to your home, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much less noisy the garage door opener seems if you have carpeting. They soak up ambient noises like sponges, and are a great choice if the garage will be used as a working space or a playspace for children.

Of course, cleaning out stains from carpeting is very irritating and somewhat time consuming. So in that respect, hardwood floors can be a better choice. But for warmth, noise-reduction, and homey feeling for your newly room-ified garage, you can't beat a carpet.

Anne is a home-improvement enthusiast who specializes in transforming garages into usable spaces. For more information on excellent choices for garage doors and garage door openers to help with this endeavor, visit

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