Garage Door Logistics

On the whole, the price for a new garage door and garage door installation is somewhere between $400 and $2,000, although this figure varies widely with the size of the needed door and which material it's going to be made in.

According to surveys of manufacturer's figures, the most popular garage door style is currently the carriage-house style, in which the foots look like quaint, old-fashioned wooden singing doors, but actually open like the modern sliding or roll-up doors and are compatible with normal, electric garage door openers. And the great thing about the carriage design is that there's a lot of room for playing around with the specific style and the color combinations.

The thing is, lots of people adore the pricey, classy, quaint look of the old-style carriage-house doors, but they're not willing to pay for the installation and upkeep of wooden doors, which are pretty expensive these days.

In response to this demand, manufacturing companies and garage door installation companies are offering more affordable, more hearty versions of the carriage-style doors, but in other materials. Steel and aluminum, covered with layered composite overlays that are styled with wood-grain embossed patterns are especially popular. The upshot is that doors made of these other materials are much more resistant to weather and wear and tear, and won't rot, fade, dim or yellow. They also tend to cost less on that outset.

However, if your home doesn't really mesh very well with the old-timey look of a carriage-style door, don't worry. You can also go for the classic raised-panel steel/carved wood door, and then go for fun customizations, like decorative windows. Those who have super contemporary style houses, a sleek, simple aluminum or steel door could look great.

When you go shopping for your new garage door, keep these things in mind:

Your Budget: However much you're willing to spend will exclude certain options from the outset. Garage doors can tend to go from just a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on size, materials, and style. Make sure you stay within your limits.

Design of the Door: Make sure you keep the garage door as an extension of the home décor. Allow the architectural style of your home- windows, trim, colors, external design features- be mirrored in your garage door.

Insulation: If you live in a place where it gets very warm or very cold, save money and energy through garage door insulation.

Upkeep: Make sure you pick a door that requires the level of maintenance you're willing to put in. Wood takes more effort than steel takes more effort than composites. Make sure you're not getting in over your head with repair costs or time spent cleaning/checking.

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