Garage Door Repair: What To DIY and When To Call a Professional

Garage doors and garage door opener mechanisms have certain parts that necessitate special equipment and knowledge to replace or repair. Though many hardware and home improvement stores sell parts and supplies for garage door repair, it is wise to know the limitations of what can be done by the consumer and when to call a professional repair specialist.

Small dings or dents can often be fixed by the consumer. If the door is made of steel, the fix for small dents is very similar to the methods used to get dings out of vehicles. The easiest way to do this is to use a ding repair kit tool. Simply purchase the tool online or at a car parts store and follow the directions on the kit.

Another method of fixing dents in a steel garage door, particularly larger dents, is to use auto body filler. Following the directions on the package, fill in the dent until it is once again smooth with the rest of the door. Once the filler is set, the garage door will need to be painted in order to hide the fix and create a flat, continuous looking surface.

Most modern garage doors are paneled, so if suction and fillers don't work, and the dent only affects one panel, it is possible to replace it without replacing the entire door. It is important that the replacement panel be purchased from the original place of purchase and the original manufacturer. Though another panel might look the same, small differences can make the replacement panel not fit the existing door and create more problems.

Beyond dents and dings, the consumer can perform routine maintenance on the garage door and opener mechanisms. Annual cleaning of tracks and tightening of bolts goes a long way toward avoiding garage door repairs. Maintenance is also a good time to notice any small cracks or worn parts that might need professional attention.

Garage doors problems that require professional attention include damages to the opener spring or cables. Garage door opener springs are very strong and the recoil of one that breaks can be very dangerous. Likewise for opener cables. If it is possible that the repair will involve the spring or cables at all, it is best to call a garage door repair specialist. They have special safety equipment for working with taught springs and cables and are trained and experienced in doing so.

With a little research, most homeowners can DIY simple garage door repairs. However, certain parts of the mechanisms can be dangerous if not handled properly. It is better to call in a professional and be safe than to get hurt trying to save a little money. If the repair involves the spring or cables, call a professional to handle it.

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