Garage Door Styles Help Up Curb Appeal

This weekend, take a drive around a nice neighborhood and look at their garage doors. What works? What doesn't? Which styles go together?

By asking yourself these crucial questions, you can determine if the new garage door installation plan you have is a good one or not. Don't make the mistake of thinking any house can pull off a black door- or that an ultra-modern façade would look great with French country doors!

On the other hand, sometimes bold contrast really works for a home. You might be able to pull of some bold hues with a more demure-styled house, or just classy white doors with windows while your house itself is more interestingly colored.

Also, don't forget about paneling! Whether or not certain parts of the door are raised may seem like a trivial thing, but it can really make a difference in the depth and classiness of the front of your home. A house that has had recent garage door services and has intricately patterned, raised panels on its façade will pop more than a house with flat white (or even worse, dirty-white) garage doors.

Of course, for the bold (and maybe less economical) of homeowners, there's always the chic, no-nonsense look of paneled, frosted glass. While these kinds of doors are pretty rare, they really add a little zing to any modern-looking or post-modern home, transforming what could be thought of as austere into a paradigm of art-nouveau.

If you consider yourself more adventuresome than most, you might want to try out some interesting colors. Go for a zesty yellow or a dark, rich red. Don't shy away from deep, luxurious greens or a delicate, light peach! And the great thing about color is that you can add or subtract without having to get an all new garage door installation.

Beware, though- not all materials were created equal. Some will take to coloring better than others, and some will have nicer textures for different homes. Some, like steel, really shouldn't be made with raised paneling at all. Make sure to consult with an expert about what kind of door you have and what kind of options that leaves you for redecorating.

If you're concerned all of this might break the bank, think of it instead as a creative, relatively cheap way to increase the curb appeal of your home and raise it's listing price. If you're actually in the process of selling, this may actually turn out to be a lucrative plan!

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