Garage Doors

It may seem like a little thing but choosing the right garage door for your home can add aesthetic appeal and value to your home.

Garage doors are an important addition to your home purely because they add protection to your garage so that your car and any other valuables stored within. It is not until a substandard garage door fails that we realise just how important a quality garage door is to your vehicle and home.

What are the different types of garage doors on the market?

There are many different types of garage doors on the market and below is a list of some of the three more common styles for your consideration.

Roller doors- Roller doors are unique in their simplicity. Due to very few moving parts and improved durability and materials, roller doors are now quieter and easier to maintain than other garage door types. The roller doors biggest advantage comes from its ability to fold in upon itself, which means that you require very little space in order to install one.

Panel lift doors- Also known as sectional doors, panel lift doors have become the choice of people looking for a touch of style and sophistication for their homes. Panel lift doors created using a number of sections that are joined by hinges. They move vertically in the opening before being guided by tracks horizontally along the under-side of the ceiling. These doors can be made out of a number of materials including wood and Colorbond steel.

Tilt doors- Tilter doors don't just protect the contents of your garage; they become a standout feature of your house. A tilter door is a single solid piece tilting panel that pivots with the use of arms fixed to each side of the door. The arms lift the door outward and upward until the door reaches the fully open position. Tilt doors can be covered with almost any material, making them a statement and an expression of style.

What garage door is right for you?

The biggest factors involved with choosing your new garage door are the following;

Budget- Depending on how much you want to put into your new garage door will very much determine the style of garage door you go for. Roller doors are the most cost effective option.

Space- Depending on how much space you have for your garage door you may not be able to find suitable doors from some of the ranges.

Style- Choose a style that will accent your home and give it that splash of sophistication.

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