Get Angry With Angry Bird Game

If anyone asks you why you love gaming on a smartphone, what is your answer? If they ask me, I immediately show them one of the Angry Bird games I love. With the cheap price, you can download any of them to your phone. It may be Angry Bird or Angry Bird vs Zombie Ultimate War.

Angry Bird's Current Updates
If you care about this game and look forward to its new features, this game genre has just added 42 new stages. It is so interesting in these recent updates. That is a horde of the angry birds for you to attack and beat rivals. Instead of using the slingshot, you can take a red cannonballer, a yellow dive-bomber, or little green birds to fight with your foes.

Shooting the right bird at the right time is the main key to completing stages with cool scores. Angry Bird is a simple game, but thanks to its great puzzle designs, excellent atmosphere, and precise controls, the game is outrageously addictive. Based on how many birds the players can use to wipe out the pigs out in each stage, they gain up to 3 stars.

Make A Big Breakthrough With Angry Bird Game
Actually, you instantly realize that this is a funny little puzzler of flightless birds as playing it. In the game, these birds are so angry because risky pigs stole their eggs. Now, they are preparing their slingshot to get these eggs back. Look! The pigs are hiding in a deep forest and building a stable defense to live in wooden, glass, and metal houses in order to avoid the revenge of the birds.

Ok, it is time to assist your cute birds attack their enemies right now. You have enough power and trajectory to identify the success of your companies' attacks. To beat the mischievous pigs off, the players have to be intelligent and agile. The direct hit at a critically weak point may cause the whole structure to fall down on the top of an enemy's noggin, getting lots of pained oinks. Now, you know where you need to shoot in the structure to make it collapse. Play it to gain the highest score and become the master of this game genre. Let's go and make a big victory now!

In sum, Angry Bird game is the most wonderful game for kids to enjoy as they feel stressful at school.

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