Get To Know More About Rhinoplasty

The nose can be said to be the center of attraction when it comes to facial features. Apart from people staring at your eyes, they will also focus on your nose. Most people are conscious about their face and if they regard their nose to be too big or oddly shaped, they will visit a surgeon to correct it.

How your nose looks like is determined by the genes you inherit from your parents. Your nose keeps developing till you reach sixteen years and it stops growing. This simply means that any operation done before this age will not be worth the while.

Rhinoplasty is simply a nose job where surgery is conducted to reshape the nose. It can be either to increase or decrease the size. The surgery is not only for cosmetic purposes such as correcting the bridge and the tip or the nostrils, breathing difficulties can also be corrected the same way.

How is it done?

Reduction nose jobs consist of the reduction of the nose framework in terms of size. Incisions are made inside the nostrils to get to the nose. The ridge is then cut bringing the two sides of the nose closer together. Since the overlying skin is elastic, it is able to tone down in size resulting in a smaller frame. This procedure is quite recommended when it comes to narrowing the width of a nose the amount of cartilage is reduced to make the nose shorter and reduce a tip that is bulky.

The consequences

This is a surgical procedure and therefore it is not without risk or consequences. For a period of three weeks or so you will have to wear a firm splint over the nose. The area around your eyes will be swollen and bruised and will remain so for almost a month, this is the time period it takes for your face to go back to normal. Do not be surprised when no one notices anything new about your nose since not everyone was conscious about it as you were. If you are anxious about how they will react then you can get a new hairstyle that blends with your new look.

To be better prepared for the outcome of a nose job, anticipate your reaction. Make strange faces in front of your mirror and see what you thing of each look. Remember that your mind will take a few days to adjust to the brand new you. The swelling will die down gradually but give it a period of 12 weeks to completely settle out. It is important to have this information at the back of your mind so that you do not fret when you experience shape problems after the surgery. The tip of your nose will also be numb for a couple of months. Knowing what you are to expect will make you better prepared.

How much does it cost?

For many surgeons coming up with a specific cost for a nose job might be impossible. This is because every person is unique. It is not aone-fit-all procedure. If you are seeking such services in any Australian city, it is advisable to consult several surgeons to come up with an average figure.

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