Getting Real with Interactive Discussions with Celebrities

People Magazine has a section within entitled, "Stars…They're Just Like Us." They show celebrities walking their dogs, playing with their kids, eating an ice cream cone or (gasp) hanging out at the beach with a tiny bit of cellulite showing! It humanizes them and makes the general public aware of the fact that no, they don't sit around counting their money all day basking in the adoration of the general public. They get sick, they stub their toes, they drip ice cream on their shirts and yes, their bodies are NOT perfect.

Social media has made it easier to learn this through avenues other than magazines. Interactive live discussions are being set up all the time as a way for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities. Through the use of real-time commentary, people are actually able to sit in on a discussion and listen to them talk in a live format. They may stumble on their words. They might tell a funny story. They'll definitely go off the beaten track of the standard interview answers their publicists are nudging them to say at all times. It humanizes them. The effect of that sets off a chain reaction that can positively influence their careers in ways that were unheard of twenty…even ten years ago.

When we connect with a celebrity or famous person, we feel we've gotten to know them a bit more. We start to subconsciously think of them as a friend. So what happens when you have a new friend? You want to spend more time with them. In this case, you may decide, "Hey….they have a movie out and they were so cool in that interview, I think I should go see that movie." Unless the movie is horrendous, you're more than likely going to like it. What do you do next? You tell your friends. First you talk about the super cool interview you heard with such-and-such last week and how cool and normal that person sounds. Then you tell them you saw their new movie and wow…it was fantastic. The next thing you know, your friends are going to the movie based on your recommendation and passing the word along from there. That celebrity's market share and popularity is going up through the power of persuasion of themselves, and the people that are persuading others to jump on the (insert famous celebrity name here) bandwagon.

Interactive discussions and social media sites have become the norm in today's world. Celebrities are able to be "followed" in a non-stalker way that allows you glimpses into their personal world with these open types of forums. After all, they're regular people just like us….kind of anyway.

Tamara Day is a writer that's living life in a northern town while dreaming of a southern one, while having interactive discussions with celebrities on

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