Getting The Right Information When Selecting Child Care

Child care is an important part of your child's growth and development. At one point or another, you will need to get a form of child care for your child. You may decide to hire a nanny to take care of your child at home while you are away.

You also have the option of using a family day care where a small group of children are taken care of by the owner of the home. You may also decide to use a child care center that provides structured programs while caring for your child. You can always find quality child care at Northern Beaches that will leave you and your child happy and satisfied.

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is a guide which is used by childcare professionals. It is a framework which is made up of principles, practices and learning outcomes which are meant to enable children to succeed in learning. Since EYLF is only a guide, it is upon the child care center to use it to come up with a curriculum that is suitable for the children. Some of the concepts of EYLF include belonging, being and becoming.

Belonging makes the child feel that they are part of the group while being encourages the child to experience the present and to face current challenges. Becoming on the other hand enables a child to experience change comfortably in order to fit in well in society. The child care centers at Northern Beaches are well equipped to implement the Early Years Learning Framework in order to provide a good foundation for learning for your child.

Understanding A Child Care Center

In order for you to know whether a child care is suitable for your child, you need to get the right information so that you can make an informed decision. When you visit a potential child care, asking the correct questions is important. The right questions will provide you with the information that you need.

You should find out about timings - when you should drop off and pick the child and the hours of operation of the center. You should also know if you are allowed to drop in anytime to visit your child. You should find out for how long they close during holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

It is important to find out about the qualifications of the staff and their level of experience in handling children. You need to know about the staff turnover - a high staff turnover will mean your child will have to keep adjusting to a new person every so often. The staff should also have regular trainings to sharpen their skills and learn new trends in child care. It is important to know the ratio of adults to children and the size of the group your child is going to join. This is because your child may be more comfortable in a small group than a large one or vice versa.

Benefits Of Quality Child Care

A good child care for your child will ensure that the little one's growth and development remains on track. Child care services at Northern Beaches will equip your child with the social skills required to interact well with others.

Carolyn Leis is part of a great team of staff at Making A Difference Child Care who provide quality child care to children that are five years and below in Northern Beaches.

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