Gift Giving Made Easy With Wine Of The Month Clubs

Many people complain about how tough it is to shop for Christmas, but they are forgetting how convenient it is. One holiday and everything is done. Compare that to the next six weeks on the calendar. There's Mother's Day in May, Father's Day in June, plus all sorts of graduation ceremonies happening between now and then. Add in there the random birthday or two, and suddenly you might need a half dozen different gifts on different days for vastly different people. Make it easy on yourself and give everyone something they will like: membership in a wine of the month club.

It may sound like you are getting the same gift for different people, but the fact is, no two wine clubs are the same. Even better is that many of the wine clubs have different levels and lengths of memberships, so depending on how close the relationship is and what size budget you are working with, there is a plan that is perfect for each of your needs.

Every wine club starts off with what is called a mission statement. Simply put, this is their specific reason for being in business. It is the difference between focusing their selections on a specific varietal, or only featuring wines and wineries of California, or choosing wines all from the same vintage. By having this direction, it makes it easier to find a wine club that fits your needs.

An ambitious person might think that they could replicate the process of a wine of the month club on their own, simply be visiting their local wine store every month. Fortunately for the members of these clubs, the vast majority of the clubs specialize in wines that are not available outside of where they are produced. Many of these wines are regional selections, and some are only available at the winery itself. The wine club membership gives people access to wines that they might have travel thousands of miles to and pay hundreds of dollars for.

One of the added perks of wine club membership is the ability to purchase additional bottles of wines from the vineyard at a reduced price. Everybody has had the experience of trying something they really enjoyed, only to return to the store and find out it has been sold out. With their wines only being available on site and through the membership, it limits the number of people who have access to them, helping to ensure - though by no means guarantee - the opportunity to continue enjoying the wine.

You could spend the next six weeks driving all over creation trying to find the perfect presents for everyone on your list. Or you could spend fifteen minutes sitting in the front of your computer and enrolling your friends and loved ones in wine of the month clubs and making it easy on yourself.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has spent over 20 years covering the food and beverage industry.

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