Girls Hats - Different Styles Available

Girls look cute in almost anything they wear and their pretty outfits can be accessorized in interesting ways. The majority of girls are very interested in fashion and are always looking for ways to express themselves through their fashion sense. Accessories are a great way of spicing up a rather boring outfit and making it stand out. Girls hats, when used in creative ways, will allow the wearer to stand out from the crowd and bring out their own unique fashion statement.

There are a wide variety of hats available and every girl should be able to get hats that will be suitable for her. Hats can be used to enhance the outfit of your girl and can also be used for a purpose like protection from the sun or cold.


Hats can be worn in order to accessorize a certain outfit. There are many girls hats which are mainly used to add flavor to an outfit. A cloche hat is normally made from felt or wool and the girl wears it at the back of her head. The brim then comes all the way to the eyebrows and it is a very old but popular design.

A beret is a flat round hat and is made from a variety of materials including soft wool or crotchet cotton. Fedora hats usually have a narrow brim and the girl can turn it upwards at the back. It also has a crown which is raised and has a fold which runs from the front to the back. The fedora hat can be made from felt or wool. A newsboy hat has a full crown while a Panama hat is handmade from palm leaves and is popularly used in summer.

Sun Hats

Sun hats are made with the intention of protecting a girl from blistering the sunshine. Girls hats which are used for shelter against the sun's rays normally have a brim which is three to four inches. They are also made using bright colors to reflect the rays and prevent too much heat building up on the head.

Flowers, ribbons, and bows can be added to the hats in order to give them an extra touch of beauty. Sunbonnets are made from canvas and also offer protection from the sun. They normally have a flap at the back which protects the neck from the rays of the sun.

Winter Hats

Girls hats which are used during winter are normally made from wool, fleece, fur or acrylic since these materials are able to retain the heat of the body. These materials can also be stretched so that the girl can comfortably cover any part of her head that is feeling cold.

A beanie fits firmly on the head and the girl can pull it to cover her ears. It is made from wool and these hats come in a variety of colors and patterns. An alpine hat is made from soft felt or wool and it has a straight front and a narrow brim. The crown of the hat slightly faces upwards and it can be rolled up slightly at the back. A feather can be fixed on the headband to give the hat a look of elegance.

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