Girls Hats - Know Your Options

Majority of girls begin to be conscious about their appearance at a very early age and many of them will show an interest in fashion while they are still young. Designers of girls' clothes and accessories know this and that is why they come up with options that will take care of every little or older girl.

Girls hats come in stylish and fancy designs to suit different personalities so that every girl can feel comfortable in hats. There are hats which are worn to give an extra touch to an outfit while there are others that are worn to protect the girl from the elements. A girl should therefore have an array of hats which are suitable for different purposes.

Sun hats

Summer is a good time for any girl to enjoy outdoor activities, and there are girls hats which are specifically made to protect your girl from the sun's rays. Sun hats are normally made with a brim that is large enough to cover the face, ears and neck of the girl. Straw hats also known as boaters look very cute on girls and they can be decked with flowers or ribbons to make them prettier.

Sun bonnets also provide protection from the sun and they are made from canvas. The hat has a flap at the back which protects the neck from the sun and the hat is made with a stiff brim that is large.

Winter Hats

There are different types of girls hats which are made for the cold weather. A beanie is a hat that has no brim and fits well on the girl's head. The beanie can stretch to cover the ears well and is knitted using thick wool to keep your girl warm. The hats come in beautiful patterns and in a variety of colors to suit the preference of different girls.

A bucket hat is made from wool or leather and is suitable for the cold weather. It can be made with a brim which shades your girl's eyes. A balaclava is a hat that covers the head and ears and is normally knitted by hand. The hat can also be made to cover the head, ears and even the face, only leaving two holes for the eyes.

Fashion Hats

A beret looks great on girls and is a flat and round hat. It can be made from wool, acrylic or cotton fiber and adds beauty to a girl's outfit. A fedora is a fashionable hat which has a narrow brim and a crown which is raised. The newsboy hat has a full crown and is made from soft fabric while a panama hat is made from dried palm leaves and is woven by hand. The tucker hat is also known as a mesh hat which is a type of baseball hat, and it has sides that are made from plastic mesh.

Buying Hats

When you go out shopping for hats, you need to make sure that the inside of the hat will be comfortable for your girl. Make sure there are no rough edges or strings which will cause discomfort to your daughter.

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