Girls Hats - Various Types of Hats

Most girls get a fashion sense when they are still very young, and many times they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror trying out different outfits and accessories. Girls hats come in a variety of designs, colors, sizes and materials and can be used purely to make an outfit look great or for functional purposes.

Even when you need a hat for protection against the sun or cold, you still have interesting options to choose from. The hats can therefore serve their specific function while at the same time make you look and feel good.


There are certain girls hats which are made specifically to protect the girls from the sun's rays or from the biting cold. Hats which are used during the cold weather are normally made from wool, acrylic, fleece or fur. These are materials which will keep the girl warm since they are able to retain the heat coming from the body.

Hats which are used during the cold season are usually made to fit firmly on the head and most of them will allow the girl to also cover her ears. Woolen hats like the beanies can be knitted using creative designs and they come in a variety of colors. Other hats like the alpine hats have a narrow brim with a crown that bends slightly upwards.

Girls hats that are used during sunny weather normally have a large brim in order to protect her forehead, ears and her neck from the blistering sun. These hats are made from bright or light colored materials which do not absorb heat and therefore provide adequate protection. The hats can be adorned with flowers or ribbons which make them look very pretty.


Girls hats can be used as an accessory to a variety of outfits in order to make the outfit unique and give the girl a chance to add a personal touch to her look. A fedora hat has a crown that is raised and a narrow brim, with a fold that runs all the way from the front to the back.

A beret on the other hand is round and flat and fits firmly on the head while a newsboy hat is made with a full crown that has a visor. A panama hat is hand woven using palm leaves and it is stiff with a wide brim. A cloche hat is fixed at the back of the head while the brim extends all the way to the eyebrows.


Sports events offer girls a great opportunity to keep fit but they do not have to compromise on looking good. A baseball cap is made with a crown which is round and a visor is attached to protect the eyes from the rays of the sun. The rest of the hat is made from fabric and it can be adjusted to fit properly by use of a Velcro or elastic at the back.

Girls hats which are used during sporting events help to keep her hair in place and shield her from the sun, thus allowing her to enjoy the event.

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