Girls Hats - What You Should Know

Girls are precious little beings who are playful and creative. Designers therefore try to bring out this side of girls when creating their clothes and accessories. When you sample girls' clothes, you will find that most of them come in bright colors and lively prints making the girls look very cute. Accessories meant for girls are also made from bright and colorful materials, and this is also true of girls hats.

These hats are made to work well with pretty dresses and accessories to give the girl a unique look. They are also made for different occasions and circumstances so that a girl can always have a hat that is suitable for that particular time. There are a wide variety of hats which a girl can use purely for fashion purposes, as a protection from the elements of weather or as a costume.

Season Hats

An earflap hat is suitable for the cold weather and covers the whole head while the flaps on the side cover the ears. A balaclava is a hat which covers the head and ears and is normally knitted by hand. In very cold areas, you can find balaclava hats that cover the whole head, ears and the face too, leaving only two small holes for the eyes.

The bucket hat can be made from wool or leather and is suitable for the cold weather while the tucker hat is made from plastic mesh on the sides and a shade at the front. Sun hats are made with large brims to protect your girl from the blazing sun's rays. The brims can be three to four inches and are made from light colored materials which do not absorb heat.

The boater or straw hat is a great sun hat which is made with a flat top and the brim is usually narrow. It is made from stiff straw and your girl will look very cute when she wears it.

Fashion Hats

A beret is a flat round hat which is used by girls to complement an outfit, making it look girly and pretty. A fedora hat is stylish and has a crown that is raised and a fold that runs from the front of the hat all the way to the back. It also has a brim that is narrow and that is raised slightly at the back. The newsboy hat is made with a crown and a visor while a tucker hat is a type of baseball hat. It is suitable for hot weather as it is made from plastic net and shades your girl from sunshine at the front.


When you go shopping for girls hats, you need to get the size of your girl's head so that you can select the right size of hats. A good sized hat will properly sit on the head without sliding down and covering the face. The fabric of the hat should be suitable for the season where you choose warm fabric like wool for cold seasons and lighter material like mesh for the hot seasons. You should consider the shape of your child's head when selecting hats whereby the brim of the hats should suit her head well.

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