Give Latin Fusion A Try!

There's something about Latin fusion restaurants that are just indescribable. I've been trying to explain this latest culinary trend to my friends and, despite my degree in English, find myself coming up short. There's something fundamental to the experience that just can't be put into words, although here I go, attempting to suss it out with words yet again. Well, I can tell you one thing: It's not like any other dining experience out there, Latin or otherwise!

There's just so much going on in the menu alone that sets it apart from other types of places. Each location deals with the concept of fusion differently, but the guidelines allow for so much diversity within that. Fusion food in concept is something that isn't entirely new to the culinary world. After all, borrowing from a broad culture of recipes, food prep and spice routines has always been relatively common in any type of experimental cooking that might deviate from strict tradition but fusion is a little bit more specific in the way it does this borrowing. Fusion is about viewing a cultural palate as malleable, and using that flexibility to create new and exciting dishes with some twists on old favorites and other modern classics. Latin fusion food especially embraces this very organically - after all, Latin food is a huge category, and there are so many different social cookbooks to borrow from - Dominican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Cuban, Mexican, Spanish, etc. There's no shortage of inspiration, and this makes the potential combinations endless. Talk about being excited about trying something new.

I've always had a weakness for Spanish food, so maybe I'm just a little biased. However, my mom is one hard woman to please, and she loves fusion food! I don't want to say her tastes are boring, because they really aren't, but she's a relatively predictable in terms of what kinds of food she likes and, especially if we're going out for a big dinner, she worries about spending money on something she won't like. The woman knows what she likes! I convinced her to take a risk on my dollar, and we both ended up discovering new favorites at our local fusion place. A little risk can go a long way when it's successful! Now, we have an agreed upon place to go out and celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other occasions.

The diversity is what does it, honestly. With my vegetarianism, my mother's picky eating, and a whole plethora of tastes and dietary requirements imposed on fine family dining experiences by my family, getting the whole group together and satisfied at one restaurant is so hard. I'm thrilled to say this problem has been solved. Now, all of us can get something - either something brand new to our taste buds, or something we are relatively sure we'll enjoy based on previous experience - that we'll love. Not only that, but margaritas are absolutely a plus when it comes to eating at a Latin restaurant, fusion notwithstanding.

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is an SEO content writer that has covered many topics, including Latin fusion food.

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