Giving Your Baby A Good Baby Sipper

The cute little feeding bottle may be your child's favorite and he may look really cute as he walks with it. However, here is the sad part. Using a nipple for more than a year can lead to tooth decay. Here is a warning. Children using their bottles for a year are more likely to get attached to it, making it all the more difficult for you to stop them. Here is the good news. Baby sippers are the best solution to stop your baby from using a bottle. The best time to introduce your child to a baby sipper is six months. Choosing a sipper with care is very important. The following are some of the things that you need to consider when you choose baby sippers.

Introducing your baby to a sipper may be hard at first. You need to ensure that the bottle you choose has an attractive color and design. Choose a bottle with cute shades like pink and blue with prints of your baby's favorite cartoon character. A sipper that looks like a milk bottle will also be more easily accepted by your baby. Ensure that the spout looks like a nipple and keeps the baby equally comfortable as he sips from it.

The main purpose of a sipper is to prepare your baby to start using a normal cup to drink. Sippers also serve other useful purposes and one of them is the co-ordination between the hand and mouth. However, you need to ensure that the bottle is long so that the baby can hold it comfortably. A bottle with handles will be very convenient as it helps with better hand and mouth coordination.

Avoid using the sippers you gave your older child on his younger sibling. Bottles that have been warmed time and again can have a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA), which can be toxic and cause harm to your child's brain and reproductive organs. If you do not see the point of buying new sippers, then ensure that the sipper you buy for your first child is BPA free. Opaque plastic sippers are safer to use than transparent ones. It is also very important that you ensure the sippers are clean. Sippers with detachable parts are easier to clean than otherwise.

You cannot request a baby to be careful and not drop her sipper. What you can do is ensure that the sipper has a heavier bottom as these do not tip as easily as other sippers do. This reduces your chances of getting that dishcloth to clean the floors and others surfaces as your baby makes a mess.

Colic is an issue that most young children face and mothers need to take extra care to ensure that their babies do not consume too much of gassy foods. Bottles will vents, angled tops and drop-in inserts reduce your chances of bubbles in the milk and are thus safer to use.

Browsing for baby sippers online lets you find variety and you can have a look at the features of different sippers before you buy one. Ensure that the baby sipper you choose is attractive, comfortable, safe, convenient and healthy. Brands like Farlin, Meemee and Chicco have a range of attractive baby sippers online.

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