Going For A Summer Vacation? Don't Forget These Web Hosting Tips

A vacation literally means vacating your schedule and taking some time off. But with today's hyper connected world, even when you are on vacation, you are not necessarily on vacation. You maybe paranoid about work email or may be constantly bothered by coworkers or clients or may even be asked to complete some office work when on holiday. This article discusses some important tips which you should keep in mind when going on vacation.

Email Auto Responders

This is something which almost everyone does. But many people forget to set an auto responder with proper information. The auto response email should be brief, precise and simple to understand, providing alternate contact information or availability dates. Many people, due to the vacation anxiety forget to setup an auto responder and are troubled by anxious email senders about why they haven't responded to their mails. Another point to note is that to set your auto-responder to send out a reply to the same sender only once in 12 hours and not respond to each and every mail.

Email Filters

Setting up Auto Responders is not always enough. Sometimes you need to intelligently segregate mail to ensure that you continue to receive the important ones and delegate the ones that can be handled by others. Email filters help you to redirect emails automatically, to colleagues, staff or even co workers. You can also set to discard unwanted mails so that there is no clutter in your inbox when you are back. You can also temporarily unsubscribe from mailing lists, newsletters and journals, which are not very important, so that you can use that extra space to store mails.

Disk Space

Email gets downloaded very infrequently during vacations, this means that your online storage may get full when you really need it. To avoid this, it is best to make an upgrade of web space before your vacation so that you don't get calls telling you that your emails are bouncing. A primary advantage of emails is that you can check them at your convenience, but they need to be stored somewhere in the meanwhile. The storage must be in your hosting account. This means that your space will keep getting utilized and will eventually get full if you don't have enough. You don't want to be in a situation where you need to urgently clear out your mailbox to accommodate some emails, because you ran out of disk space.

Delivery and Shipping Dates

eCommerce webmasters must remember that if their office is going to be shut for a few days or weeks, then they should revise their shipping and delivery dates so that their customers know when to expect the products or services they have ordered. Large eCommerce sites will always have enough staff to handle the vacation rush, but small and medium sized businesses which are run out of garages or warehouses may not have enough manpower during the holidays. This means that delivery and shipping will be delayed, which their customers should be forewarned about. Most eCommerce systems allow you to bulk update shipping details in a single click. You can also add a one-line message or banner on your website pointing out that orders will be subject to delayed delivery due to the holidays. Although this may not sound very professional, for a large business, smaller businesses or household businesses will benefit from it.

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