Good Idea, Bad Practice: Individualizing Fitness

There are so many different ways that we can learn to take care of our bodies and to be healthy. The education starts in elementary school, usually. Remember the (now very much outdated) food pyramid lessons? These health lessons went on through middle school and high school, with the option to continue studying as the student moved into the world of higher education. However, looking at statistics and probabilities and things only teaches you so much about your own body. Things are different when they are theoretical or on paper. Maybe you read that running is great for your legs, but you hate running and still want to work on your legs. It sounded good on paper, right? The thing is, we need to be out there experiencing health, and changing our lives to be healthier - trial and error. The first step is finding the right gym.

I know there are all kinds of things you can do at home, especially in Miami. You can go for walks or beach bike rides, swim in the ocean, etc. - or you can even stay home on the treadmill, which, in this humidity and heat that Florida is famous for, is not a bad idea. Going to the gym has so many benefits, though and, frankly, you just aren't going to get the same results. The benefits of working in an encouraging group training Miami environment - or with a personal trainer - is that the workouts are way more intense than those you can design on your own with home equipment. Even workout DVDs and advanced machines are, at best, ways of trying to compensate for the lack of in-person experience. Keeping the exercise as simple as possible - doing it in person, bringing some water and an electrolyte drink and just going for it in a structured environment with an expert overseeing you - is the best way to get results. You're utilizing a program that is not only specifically designed to target muscle groups in very specific and effective ways, but you are working with people who can further tailor it to your individual needs and boundaries.

The individualized approach is necessary. We can't all pretend that losing weight or toning up will work the same for us all, just because we've read about muscle development in the health books. It's about throwing yourself into the line of fire and seeing what works. It's not about pushing yourself so hard that you get hurt, but the focus has to be on discovering your boundaries so you can learn how to push against and eventually expand them. There's no substitute for doing the actual work to learn how your body reacts to different things. The self-discovery process is what enables you to find your deepest strengths, and to bring those out into the fitness world. Stop reading and start doing today, and let the world's foremost sports performance experts be your guides.

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is an SEO content writer that has covered many topics, including physical fitness.

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